Three Expressions of a Unified Theory

Pravir Malik
5 min readAug 28, 2021

This post summarizes three expressions of a Unified Theory (aka Cosmology of Light) I have been working on over the last few years.

Chronologically, Mathematics as an Artistic Medium Expression was completed first. This comprises ten books. I sought to summarize the extensive content in a simpler non-mathematical way highlighted in Cosmology of Light Musings Expression by focusing on some nuggets from these books. This is the expression focused on first and is good background for the other two. Finally, Peer-Reviewed Technical Expression is ongoing and represents a third expression where I continue to express key ideas from Cosmology of Light technically.

Cosmology of Light Musings Expression

In Musings on a Cosmology of Light, I convey the essence of the unification that a light-based view of existence allows.

Viewing light as multi-layered based on simultaneous constant speeds is the foundation of this view. If light is thought to travel infinitely fast it can be proposed that there are four properties that animate the reality that will be created. Further these four properties — summarized as knowledge, power, presence, harmony — can be seen to be symmetrically reflected in any other considered layer of reality animated by a different speed of light.


This fourfoldness can further, be seen to be the concrete bridge that connects one layer of emergence with another, starting with cosmic level parameters of space-time-energy-gravity, proceeding through the electro-magnetic-wavearchetype-masspotential spectrum quadrality, the gluon-W&Zboson-photon-graviton boson quadrality, the quark-lepton-boson-Higgsboson quantum-particle quadrality, s_Shell-p_Shell-d_Shell-f_Shell atom quadrality, the nucleicacid-polysaccharide-lipid-protein cell quadrality, and post-cellular thought-will-emotion-sensation human-based quadralities, knowledge-power-presence-harmony culture quadrality, and the knowledge-power-presence-harmony united world quadrality. Such ordered connectedness related to the implicit properties of light affords a unifying framework in which all emergence is connected.

The big bang can be seen to be an event in which some of the richness implicit in light gathers itself in quanta so as to get materialized. Space, time, energy, and gravity summarize mechanics and dynamics of uniqueness and express themselves along with the big bang.

As more of the richness implicit in light expresses itself these have to be written into “law” using a composite space-time-energy-gravity script. Space, time, energy, and gravity, therefore not only bound the container within which the richness of light is expressed, but further, in their micro-action is the very code in which all pre-genetic, genetic, and any post-genetic possibility is written.

Mathematics as an Artistic Medium Expression

The ten books on Cosmology of Light express this summarized essence in mathematical detail. The mathematical detail gets to the level of equations that suggest how each of the afore-mentioned quadralities emerge. But the equations themselves are not solved to work out every intricate detail of manifestation. The books were written in quick succession over the course of four years and I used mathematics as an artistic medium to try to express my perception of the power in light. Sequentially, each book encapsulates an important milestone or mechanism in the progressive materialization of the infinity in Light.

Hence the first series of six books set up the basic mathematical framework for a Cosmology of Light. The first book, A Story of Light, summarizes key concepts in a Cosmology of Light in a non-mathematical way. The second book, Oceans of Innovation, lays out the broad strokes that define the mathematical framework. The third book, Emergence, describes the iteration of the key equation of emergence from the big bang to sustainable global civilization. The fourth book, Quantum Certainty, describes a core process of quantum certainty responsible for the creation of sustainable natural and human-like history. The fifth book, Super-Matter, suggests a future state of the continued iteration of the fundamental mathematical equation of emergence. The sixth book, Cosmology of Light, summarizes the scope of the mathematics of light.


The second series of four books interpret four contemporary areas considered to be at the heart of future technological development, from the point of view of a Cosmology of Light. Hence an alternative view to quantum computation is suggested in The Emperor’s Quantum Computer, the output of such fundamental and persistent computation is suggested to be genetic code in The Origins and Possibilities of Genetics, an alternative to the AI-based singularity is suggested by building on the reinterpreted notions of quantum computation and genetics in The Second Singularity, and finally, all the previous books are leveraged to suggest an alternative light-based transhumanism in Triumph of Love.

But each book is independent and self-contained, even if the subsequent books become more and more dense and compact. Therefore I have recommended to people to go through these sequentially unless one has an appetite for intense denseness.

Peer-Reviewed Technical Expression

A third ongoing expression seeks to take key ideas from the body of Cosmology of Light and express them as independent technical conference or journal articles.

Hence, chronologically, An Algorithm for the Emergence of Life Based on a Multi-Layered Symmetry-Based Model of Light was accepted at the 2019 IEEE CCWC conference and published in IEEE Xplore on March 14, 2019.

Light-Based Interpretation of Quanta and Its Implications on Quantum Computing was accepted at the 2020 IEEE CCWC conference and published in IEEE Xplore on March 12, 2020.

A Light-Based Quantum-Computational Model of Genetics was accepted at the 2020 IEEE IEMTRONICS conference and published in IEEE Xplore on October 8, 2020.

Fourfold Properties of Light and Its Relevance to Quantum Computation was accepted at the 2020 IEEE IEMCON conference and published in IEEE Xplore on December 22, 2020.

Limits of AI as Established by a Multi-Layered Symmetry-Based Model of Light was also accepted at the 2020 IEEE IEMCON and published in IEEE Xplore on December 22, 2020.

The Emergence of Quaternary-Based Computational-Strata from a Symmetrical Multi-Layered Model of Light was published by the journal IJSSST on January 1, 2021, and is freely accessible online.

A Light-based Interpretation of Schrodinger’s Wave Equation and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle with Implications on Quantum Computation was accepted by the 2021 IEEE IEMTRONICS conference and published in IEEE Xplore on May 14, 2021.

A Light-Space-Time Quantum-Computational Model of Subtle-DNA and Genetics was published by the journal AJEC on July 1, 2021, and is freely accessible online.

A more complete 20-year journey of my academic writings that has led to the work on Cosmology of Light is summarized here.


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