Musings from a Cosmology of Light #18: Space-Time-Energy-Gravity Macro- and Micro-Containers

Pravir Malik
2 min readAug 8, 2020

In its path of precipitation as Light approaches or projects itself at speed c, there are key dynamics that have already taken place, involving mathematical transformations, the play of the speed of light ‘c’ and its inverse Planck’s constant ‘h’, that creates a vast array of ‘seeds’.

These ‘seeds’ as suggested in The Mystery of Space, Time, Energy, and Gravity, become Space, Time, Energy, and Gravity. In other words, Space, Time, Energy, and Gravity, are emergent from Light and are the aggregate-level macro-parameters formed by information in deeper layers of light, that create the complex material-field or macro-container within which the further adventure of Light unfolds.

But as suggested in The Fourfold Space-Time-Energy-Gravity Script of Genetics, there is a significant micro-level action of space-time-energy-gravity in which detailed dynamics are scripted.

Physical “laws”, behaviors of any emergent species, tendencies and biases in more complex organizations ranging from economies to ecosystems, can become the ground for any aspect or variation of the infinite possibility that exists in antecedent layers of Light to materialize, so long as the appropriate space-time-energy-gravity micro-container is altered.

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