Musings from a Cosmology of Light #30: The Importance of Culture

Pravir Malik
4 min readOct 25, 2020


The point of Light traveling at speed c, is to effectuate a massive materialization of the infinity in Light’s native state. This materialization will continue so long as Light’s fourfold potential continues to express itself. This has been evident in the arc leading from the initial space-time-energy-gravity light-based quadrality to the human light-based quadrality.

It is easy though for a human, endowed with choice, and the complexities of incarnating in an initially narrow thought-will-feeling-sensation container, to reverse the expression of fourfoldness that is the cornerstone of the essential adventure of Light.

if this were to happen then an essential degeneration will set in at several levels of granularity. With the emergence of subsequent layers of complexity, systems of feedback are put in place which can either stall such degeneration or strengthen it.

The layer of culture, perhaps a byproduct of any human endeavor, in that human perception, bias, behavior, and action gets stabilized as the norm of that endeavor, hence becomes critical in allowing a human to step into broader vistas of light.

Culture itself, as with any light-based quadrality, can be viewed as a play of Light’s properties of knowledge, power, service, and harmony. In designing a human-based organization it is critical, therefore, to allow the manifested sets or the range of elements of knowledge, power, service, and harmony, to increase.

A culture in which Knowledge can express the vastness of the possibility in it, perhaps manifesting as a seeking for deep truths, a mindset of seeing things from multiple points of view, an essential drive toward a synthesis of possibilities, amongst many other such elements, would not only help a human to take the high road in terms of personal choice, but also continue the essential adventure of the expression of fourfoldness.

Similarly, a culture in which Power can continue to express its possibilities, perhaps manifesting as a sense of adventure, of energetically driving toward new possibilities, of leadership, courage, of an innate sense of justice always protecting that or those who are weaker, amongst many other possibilities, would similarly allow personal choice to move toward the direction of Light.

A culture of Service, in which no endeavor is ever thought of as too impossible, where there is a dedication to the task at hand, a deep sense of humility, persistence, attention to detail, of losing of one's personal desire in the work to be done, of having no expectation of reward, amongst other possibilities, will also allow the arc of increasing fourfoldness to continue to advance.

A culture of Harmony, where a recognition that many parts need to come together in work, where there is respect for others based on who they are and not who you want them to be, where a working out of interpersonal obstacles has become systematized, where in fact any obstacle is seen as an opportunity to further ground the potential in Light, will similarly allow personal choice to strengthen the play of fourfoldness.

The interplay between the human-based quadrality and such knowledge-power-service-harmony culture light-based quadrality has to become such that there is the natural and easy overcoming of narrowness and organic growth of positive values.

When such layers of emergent light-based complexity reinforce the fourfold possibility within each quadrality then the adventure of Light will continue revealing more and more beauty, love, and possibility.

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