Musings from a Cosmology of Light: #1 — Light’s Native State

Light in its native state travels infinitely fast. This is its primal reality.

Due to this infinite speed it is present across any volume instantaneously. In other words it is omnipresent. If anything not of the nature of light arises within its fabric it will quickly get overpowered or subsumed by Light. Hence, Light is all-powerful or omnipotent within that volume. Since whatever arises or disappears in that volume will do so in its fabric, it will be recorded instantaneously, and therefore Light will have a complete knowledge or omniscience in that volume. Finally, since whatever arises will be intimately connected or exist in the one fabric of Light there will be an instant sense of nurturance or harmony in that volume. Hence Light will also be omninurturing.

As a species who have evolved in a physical reality where light is known to travel at 186,000 miles per second, or c, in vacuum, our physical senses have been created in and attuned to perceive that reality only. Our entire scientific foundation and all constructed instrumentation is attuned only to this physical reality. Yet the reality of that which cannot be perceived by such narrowly constructed senses, subsequent instrumentation, and subsequent methodology, does not negate its existence.

Let us keep this in mind as we look around us and experience the mystery that we are. There are many implications in considering the fullness of Light and seeing what it really is.

These musings from a Cosmology of Light, of which there will be many, will allow us fuller sight into that without which we cannot exist, and yet simply take for granted.

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