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Pravir Malik
8 min readApr 11, 2020


I finally completed the four-book Applications in Cosmology of Light series. This has been part of a longer 20-year journey and I will write about that in more detail separately since like any long journey it has its share of twists and turns and downright unexpectedness!

This series, and the previous 6-book series — Cosmology of Light — are mathematical expressions of the power of Light. Life, the Universe, the small, the big, the beautiful, the ugly, and anything else imaginable are all seen as emergences from Light. Cosmology of Light laid down a mathematical foundation for a cosmology based on light. This follow-up 4-book series applies the cosmology of light foundation to four contemporary areas: quantum computing, genetics, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism. Hence:

Book 1, The Emperor’s Quantum Computer: An Alternative Light-Centered Interpretation of Quanta, Superposition, Entanglement and the Computing that Arises from it

This book leverages an alternative interpretation of quantum theory explored in the Cosmology of Light book series, to suggest an alternative way to conceive of the fledgling field of Quantum Computing. The dynamics of superposition and entanglement are explored from the point of view of precipitating layers of reality so set up by light traveling at slower and slower speeds down to c, to in fact arrive at a different notion of quanta, of superposition, and of entanglement, that will suggest that reality at the quantum-level may be different from the view commonly held today.

The very basis of modern-day quantum computing that relies on infinite number of superposed quantum states, on probability, on observable measurement that brings things into reality, is bought into question in the Light-centered Interpretation discussed in this book. In fact from the point of view of the latter interpretation superposition, entanglement, and reality take on a different meaning and the infinite processing power allegedly true of quantum states, like the new clothes in Han Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes simply does not exist in the manner in which it has been conceived.

In the mathematical model of Light presented in this book all emergences are a result of the underlying fourfold properties of Light. Everything can be understood as a precise application of the core Light-Space-Time Emergence model. This is not unlike using binary representation of ones and zeros to code anything. The coding scheme here is a multi-layered fourfold symmetry, capable of modeling infinite diversity that captures functional to practical aspects that define any phenomenon or object. This scheme of coding lends itself to phenomena such as creation and emergence, and hence to a vast range of potential creative computation applications.

Such a difference between construction, the focus of digital computing, and creation, the possible focus of quantum computing as elaborated in this book, is perhaps best captured by this image suggested by Albert Einstein: “Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But there is no doubt in my mind that the lion belongs with it even if he cannot reveal himself to the eye all at once because of his huge dimension.”

Book 2, The Origins and Possibilities of Genetics: A Mathematical Exploration in a Cosmology of Light

This book will explore the notion of content in Light as the origin of genetics, the process of precipitation of Light and the subsequent and mathematical creation of subtle-DNA replete with infinite four-base logic-ecosystems as the origin of genetic structure and heredity, and quantum computation and its intimate relationship with the structure and evolution in matter as the origin of genetic mutation and all further genetic and post-genetic possibility.

Book 3, The Second Singularity: A Mathematical Exploration of AI-Based and Other Singularities in a Cosmology of Light

It has been said that the future of Life is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that as AI advances a point will be reached, the Singularity, when humans will no longer have a clue as to what is going on nor why. Essentially as a species, humans will at this point have been marginalized by a global, singular intelligence, whose capabilities far outstrip human intelligence.

On the contrary, this book will make the case that the future of Life is enabled by the pre-existent complexity that exists in every iota of it and that there have already been a series of light-based epiphanies by virtue of which Life in its continuing complexities has emerged as partial-singularities, and further, will culminate in a Second Singularity as more of our species consciously opens to the fullness of Light. The power and capabilities of the Second Singularity will far outstrip any AI-based singularity. This pre-existent complexity derives from the fact that Light exists in multiple states simultaneously. Hence, there is a fundamental and single light-based edifice that informs our universe, and it is by virtue of this light-based edifice that all matter, all life, all mind, and all emergences beyond the level of mind will surface.

The future of life, hence, cannot be due to AI. At best, AI, can create a process by which many tasks that usually require utilization of the fundamental light-derived capacity of intelligence in order to be completed, can be completed by an exhaustively repetitive running of algorithms driven by massive computing power, hence giving the illusion of intelligence. Projected forward, the exhaustively repetitive running of algorithms driven by massive computing power, endow a practically ubiquitous digitally-enabled strata to control many tasks, and this may create the phenomenon of a “singularity” — in which humankind effectively cannot even fathom how things are happening anymore and is seemingly outpaced and outthought at every step in every direction by an ‘intelligence’ that appears to be all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful.

But this kind of singularity is fundamentally separated from the light-based edifice behind all things, and from which all things rise. It is hence not a true singularity in the sense of a finite function assuming infinite value, but is fundamentally limited in its scope by virtue of its disconnection from the founts of Life. This does not preclude an AI-based singularity from having massive practical power that can have an enormous destructive or constructive effect on humankind and material life. What it does mean though is that there is another singularity, a human-founded singularity, the Second Singularity, which can exceed the limits of any AI-based singularity due to its fundamental union with the light-based edifice that is behind and informs all of Life.

The possible human-founded singularity, it will be discovered, is one in a long series of naturally occurring though partial-singularities that derive their existence from a fundamental union with the light-based edifice behind all things. Such partial-singularities are characterized by having all the power of the light-edifice behind them, though the emergences in such partial-singularities are not necessarily aware of their oneness with the light-based edifice. In the Second Singularity humans become aware of such oneness, becoming conscious projections animated by a single intelligence, love, and power of which they are a part. It is hence no more the human-level capacity that drives such humans, but the infinite capacities of the one light-based edifice that drives. This book focuses on the mathematics of emergence of these naturally occurring partial-singularities, leading up to the possible human-founded singularity that will endow humankind with the potential for extraordinary capacities.

Book 4, Triumph of Love: A Mathematical Exploration of Being, Becoming, Life, and Transhumanism in a Cosmology of Light

Broadly speaking transhumanism refers to a philosophy whose focus is to move beyond current human limits. This book suggests an approach to transhumanism based on a perception of Light elaborated in the previous nine books in the combined Cosmology of Light book series.

In this perception light is envisioned as existing at different constant speeds. We know that in our physical universe light travels at a constant speed referred to as ‘c’, of 186,000 miles per second. This has a concrete bearing on how we experience time and space, and on how matter arises, and in a Cosmology of Light it can be said that light at c is an intentionality to filter infinite potentiality from Light’s native state of traveling infinitely fast, so life can arise in a particular way. As the previous books have elaborated, and as this book will adequately summarize, a cosmology arises when we consider the simultaneous and interpenetrating realities created when Light exists at multiple constant speeds simultaneously. The dynamics and information resident in each of these simultaneous realities is arbitrated into material reality through a constant and persistent quantum-level computation that generates genetic-type information that effectively becomes “law”.

Quanta in such a cosmology is perceived as being the mechanism by which information in faster-moving layers of light is materialized in a slower-moving layer of light. “Law” manifests as quadrumvirate mechanisms such as space-time-energy-gravity, the electro-magnetic-wavearchetype-masspotential spectrum, quark-lepton-boson-Higgsboson particles, ‘s’shell-‘p’shell’-‘d’shell-‘f’shell atoms, nucleicacid-lipid-protein-polysaccharide cells, amongst other mechanisms, that derive their ability to “become” based on the native “being” of Light’s omnipresent-omnipotent-omniscient-omninurturing fourfoldness. It may even be said that such “becomings” resulting in quadrumvirate-based law, reveal essential “beings”. But, such fourfoldness that manifests as effective law, or through the becoming involving persistent quantum-level computation that reveals a being, is none other than a triumph of love.

For it is only the power of love, of that innate need to maintain the integrality of light’s fourfoldness even as it continues to materialize, that can be the foundation of a sustainable becoming. The more powerful such love, so that in any materialization there is integration not only of the fourfoldness of Light’s implicit properties, but also of an integration of the many layers of light existing at different speeds, the more fully will a becoming be founded on completeness of potentiality in light to itself become a being capable of engendering light-based life.

Hence, as will be suggested in this book, not only does a particular ‘type’ of being engender vast variation within that type, but further, beings can combine with beings, which is essentially an act of love, to create more comprehensive beings resulting in all the complexity of life. Life itself will be seen to originate in the native state of Light, adding function and variation as light precipitates into more and more material reality emerging as a fullness of life. At the base of all possible variation and advancement in being, becoming, and life, is the ability to influence the process of the persistent quantum-level computation so that there is a more complete horizontal and vertical integration of Light — a more complete light-based-singularity as it were — and therefore of the output of genetic-type information and consequently of laws that are active in a being’s becoming. This is what is considered to be the basis of a system or framework of transhumanism in a cosmology of light.

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