Musings from a Cosmology of Light #26: The Human Light-Based Quadrality

Pravir Malik
3 min readOct 3, 2020


In Expansion and Contraction Dynamics of the Universe, it was suggested that the expansion of the universe is going to depend upon the trend of an increase in the materialization of unique functionality: this of course, because the seeding of Space then continues uninterrupted.

There is an evident increase in such materialized functionality as observed in subsequent light-based quadralities starting from the space-time-energy-gravity quadrality, the electro-magnetic-wavearchetype-masspotential quadrality, the quark-lepton-boson-Higgsboson quadrality, the ‘s’Shell-’p’Shell-’d’Shell-’f’Shell quadrality, and culminating in the nucleicacid-polysaccharide-lipid-protein quadrality.

The first question then, is whether human-beings are also light-based quadralities? For this to be the case the fourfold knowledge-power-harmony-presence properties of Light would have to drive the capacities of a human being.

This is in fact the case…

Thoughts are a play of the emergence of Light’s property of Knowledge. Through the thought, we can become greater or conceptualize things greater or begun to enter into relationship with some things other than our small self. Thought, therefore, is at least an instrument in connecting us conceptually to more “othernesses”, thereby being none other than a dynamic of knowledge.

Urges, desires, and wills, are a play of the emergence of Light’s property of Power. In the mystery of focus, the vastness of Light has projected itself in us into an apparent smallness that is in reality everything that is. And this smallness is trying through urge and desire and will to connect viscerally or even intentionally to other smallnesses that similarly are nothing other than the fullness of Light projected into a small smorgasbord of selected function.

Feelings and emotions are a play of the emergence of Light’s property of Harmony. Its instrument is the Heart and it generates an array of emotions that are an indication or active radar of whether we are moving toward or away from a reality of harmony, whether based on our small self or some larger Self of Light.

Sensations are those things we experience with our senses. We see things, hear things, and smell things, taste things, and can touch things. This ability to enter into relationship with objects through sensation is nothing other than a result of the emergence of Light’s property of Presence. We become present to Presence through the device of sensation.

So we see that the fourfold properties of Light have seeded our very beings. We are in reality nothing other than something of Light. Whatever else of Light we may be, we are at least a light-based quadrality.

Whatever else of Light we may be, we are at least a light-based quadrality

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