Musings from a Cosmology of Light #31: Toward a Comity of Nations

Pravir Malik
4 min readOct 31, 2020


The choice available to the human-being confers a level of complexity to practical affairs that previous emergences of light-based quadralities did not have to face. This complexity is in no small measure driven by the initial narrowness with which any of us, as humans, is prone to view circumstance. Such narrowness, it can be argued, creates feedback loops that eventually reflect back larger scale macro-level dysfunction.

Therefore, it was suggested that culture in any human-based endeavor becomes important in that it allows pathways for personal choice to take the high-road.

Following the arc of fourfold enrichment, it can also be inferred that the sustainability of humankind will be ensured by a balance of development amongst the four sets of properties of Light. This means that countries and global regions must be allowed to be unique and in such a way that their primary emergence contributes to a collective distribution across all four essential sources of innovation or inspiration.

Further, and based on this uniqueness, there must be open and healthy interaction amongst these centers of uniqueness. Practically this means that one single point of view, no matter how it may have benefitted a single country, can never become the sole blueprint for sustainable global development. Countries and regions of the world will have to follow their own genius.

Countries and regions of the world will have to follow their own genius

This requires maturity by large organized parts of the world, whether nations or regional blocs. The maturity must be such that the richness implicit in the fourfold properties of Light is allowed to be adequately developed and expressed. In such a scheme it would be normal for different countries to express a unique and weighted combination of some elements from the four sets of properties such that even a hitherto unexpressed element may lead.

Hence it should be expected that countries in their deeper essence are the emergence of some aspect of Light’s Knowledge, or Power, or Harmony, or Presence, as the case may be. The possibilities should be vast, and by way of representation only, we will consider here examples of India, Japan, Thailand, and the UK, as suggestive of the four broad and distinct sets of the properties of Light that must be balanced across the globe.

At its best, as perceived historically, India for example may be thought of as having an exceptional capacity for penetrating behind the surface, and further, of meaningfully synthesizing many streams of development. It may be suggested therefore that its primary power perhaps emanates from the family of knowledge.

Japan, at its best as perceived historically, may be thought of as having a strong and noble warrior nature, along with a refined sense of aesthetics, amongst other qualities, hence being representative primarily, of the family of power.

The UK, at its best as perceived historically, may be thought of as having a strong ability to create practical, people-based harmonies, resulting in such things as working parliaments and advanced democracy, thus suggesting that it is representative of the family of harmony.

Thailand, at its best as perceived historically, may be characterized by an exceptional sense of hospitality and service, with attention to detail in the practical arrangement of things, hence suggesting that it is representative of the family of presence.

It is only in following deep levels of authenticity, that that which is unique to a nation can come to fruition. And it is only when the operating principles and ways of being of such genius are recognized as a necessity in the materialization of the infinity resident in Light, that there can be true comity of nations.

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