The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #45: The Surrender of Quanta and the Being of Speed


In the mystery of material manifestation, Quanta has played a key role in bringing out what is in Possibility. The Being of Speed lent himself to the devices of Light, providing the physical means by which Quanta and her contents could come into being.

For as light first sought to make more objective its massive implicit content that was all as One where it traveled infinitely fast, it merged with the Being of Speed who made light slowdown in some projected reality that gave way now to a new set of dynamics. As light slowed down, more of what was in it became visible through Quanta. Each quantum, requiring a finite speed of light to express itself, disclosed the mystery that it held within its bosom.

And as the Being of Speed continued to apply his magic to project Light at a slower speed, Quanta became pregnant in yet another way, giving birth to more of what was in Light, until light slowed down to the miraculous speed of c, that speed that allowed the Cosmic adventure to unfold in the way that it has.

And now that material manifestation is more fully alive with Her possibilities, now that the Cosmic Tree of Light has spread, now that individualized galactic consciousness can express itself in unique lines of evolution, now that antecedent beings of Light can experience veritable material holidays, now that space-time-energy-gravity mounds abound across Cosmos, now that five-foldness is alive with the birth of amorem particles, l-Group atoms, and anandam molecular plans, now that cells can equal cosmos, the need for the Being of Speed to uphold the schema of layered light, the need for Quanta to give birth through time-bound pregnancy, has been transcended.

In a reversal of cosmic habit, the Being of Speed and Quanta surrendered themselves and merged into material manifestation, gifting it with their powers and with a master stroke setting the scene for an even greater display of the Possibilities of Light.

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