The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #10: The Secret of c

From somewhere within the native state of Light, where it travels infinitely fast and its substance is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omniharmonious, Light looks out and sees and hears all that is.

It sees and hears how the call from the layer of reality engendered by Light being projected at speed zero is changing its nature. Through the series of pralayas, something of the experience of the dissolved manifestation settles into its substance creating a hidden knowledge. This knowledge changes the nature of the fundamental cry emanating from matter itself because that which could have been but was not, yearns more to be.

It does not even know what it wants to be, but that stance, that build-up of the fundamental urge that cannot even know exactly what it desires, passes a threshold and seeing that the ensuing balance in a subsequent manifestation can be different, that Light which sees and hears all, allows a different dynamic to enter into the creation of the next cosmos.

Light from the core, from its native state, prepares a different and multifaceted descent, and substantial to this descent is the projection also of Light at the speed c, 186,000 miles per second in vacuum. The projection at speed c allows a different possibility for matter thus far continually incarnated as Titan Matter to become something different, so that matter might progressively unveil more of all that is in Light itself.

This is the wonder, this the possibility, this the secret.

For, the physics of light projected at c is such that the very basis of matter can change. The harmony of its speed allows information in Light to express itself in a different material way, and such that the possibilities of such matter opening to more and more light will be increased.

In the multifacetedness of the descent, something more of the core of Light is central, and that Light anchoring itself in light projected at zero and light projected at c, can orchestrate an adventure that allows a pralaya never to occur again. Never again need material manifestation harried and ultimately overcome by its own titan dysfunction, seek refuge in a return to the Dark Bosom.

Forever are changed the dynamics of Cosmos, so that now the previously central figures of the Dark Bosom, the Titans, and the reality of Titan Matter, have to contend with Her — something or someone deep within or even hidden by Light’s core — and the possibilities of the instrumentation she has bought into being, manifest through matter that will be created by light traveling at speed c, and other descents of light yet to be spoken about.

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