The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #39: The Veritable Material Holiday

Pravir Malik
2 min readOct 3, 2022



The call that calls forth something more of Infinity, that call that compels secrets of Light to manifest by leaps and bounds, that call that causes Her to reveal more of who She is, sounded again as typal existence was overcome by evolutionary reality, which rippled through the Cosmos.

The Tree of Light had emerged and continued to spread its branches. Its fruit was getting seeded everywhere. As galaxies and star-clusters began evolutionary journeys from light to greater light, and as typal systems awoke to an aspiring flame, the very foundation of the Cosmos changed.

Even if the greatest of antecedent beings had wanted to remain aloof or looked with discontentment at the material universe because of its paucity, that now was changed. They could step into matter, which, having been formed from greater and greater content of Light, would morph more easily to their inner need.

They could descend into the material universe and perhaps even enjoy the manifestation without getting bogged down by it. Rocks could be made to chirp and fly on wings of courage, and a pink-rose smile could be made to grow from within them by the urge expressed at the tetrahedral crystal level.

Even the greatest of antecedent beings would experience a veritable material holiday in the emerging new Cosmos.

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