The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #42: 108,000 Function-Foldedness Atomic-Equilibria

Pravir Malik
2 min readOct 4, 2022

Quantum multiverses imbued with the explicit power of love allow all manner of combinations to come into being. Pink-winged horses that in mid-flight spread themselves in waves of joy across the cosmos before landing on a distant asteroid, thus changing it to diamond, is an unlikely outcome made real due to the nature of distinct multiverses coming together to materially express unknown possibilities.

The precious 108-bead atom necklace, held by matter as it chanted its cosmic call inviting combination of functions to express itself as molecules and myriad forms of life, can in an instant change into a 108,000-bead wonder, dazzling creation with the vast diversity of astounding atom-based equilibria. Extraordinary function, not just antecedent-based but also sourced from possibility being birthed from individualized galactic adventures in consciousness, create atoms of unfathomed complexity as five-fold quantum particles coalesce in unforeseen combinations.

And as with the amorem particles, 108,000 function-foldedness is only possible with the surfacing of the fifth type of atom, beyond the power-based s-Group atoms, beyond the knowledge-based p-Group atoms, beyond the presence-based d-Group atoms, and beyond the harmony-based f-Group atoms, in the body of the love-based a-Group atoms.

The love-based a-Group atoms invite vast love-based function into the layers of atomic-equilibria and defy all chemical experience allowing impossible combinations of existing atoms to take place.

Thus it is that 108,000 function-foldedness can come into being.

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