The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #43: Love-Found Cells

Pravir Malik
2 min readOct 4, 2022

Five-foldness expressing itself in quantum particles and in atoms is the bases for cell-based five-foldness to come into being. This five-foldness, seen in the Eye from which all comes, was long-awaited and required many conditions to be met: many descents, many sacrifices, many victories, many marriages…

But now the miracles are done and this new miracle, signaling a new era of Light, where the cell itself gains union with all that is in Cosmos, with all that is Cosmos, with that even that is hidden by Cosmos, becomes real.

For the fifth molecular plan, that beyond knowledge-based nucleic acids, that beyond presence-based proteins, that beyond power-based polysaccharides, that beyond harmony-based lipids, riding on the back of amorem-particles, riding on the back of a-Group atoms and the myriad molecules created from 108,000 function-foldedness, manifests now in the vehicle of love-based Anandam.

And this love-based anandam allows cells to veritably love all creation. Cells can now expand unendingly without losing their selves, cells can merge with all other material manifestations, cells can pass through all other material manifestations as a flirtatious breeze passes through the now swaying branches of a blushing tree, cells can morph into an infinity of shapes, cells can express feeling through a range of color, cells become instruments for Love itself…

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