The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #15: The Crucible of Love

Pravir Malik
2 min readMay 14, 2022



The Secret of c alluded to Her: that powerful core hidden by Light. That of which all Light in all its form is but an instrument. When She looked out at the troubled manifestation as it journeyed through pralayas to reach the last pralaya, She sent forth something of herself that was remarkable.

This special descent of Love, embodying openly a love so different than the Forbidden Love that worked in the Dark Bosom against the Titan Reign, was accompanied by light traveling at c and by various gods arranged as meta-function in antecedent layers of light.

This Love, a flame of Her being, called into existence different arrangements of Light’s fourfoldness. Space-Time-Energy-Gravity appeared magically through the crack we call the big bang, and we met the Ever-Present Priest of the sacrifice, ready to take high-flaming aspiration, sincerity, purity, and other siblings born from the ardor of the human travail to ancestral gods resident in antecedent layers.

These central fourfold beings, and all those that are yet to arise, are formidable only because their fourfoldness is held together by this Love. This Love that is so powerful, this Love that is the secret of Light, this Love that maintains that explicit integrality of form to reflect the implicit nature of that which is hidden in Light. This Love, which shall yet prove to be the crucible in which Light in all its glory will step forth…

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