The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #5: Forbidden Love


The Titans exercise their reign in a world that has arisen from the Dark Bosom. But the big secret hidden in their hearts and in the heart of the dark bosom itself is that even the utter darkness is only because of the mechanics of light. Light is fully present, though apparently completely absent.

The property of knowledge in Light’s native state, having emptied itself of that which we call knowledge, still has some essence of the thing that was knowledge, in itself, and still becomes the basis of a different genre of unique seeds that seed Space.

Time, though fragmented to the limit, and hardly able to be the means of a cohesive power by which that which is hidden in the seed can express itself, still has power however different from that in Light’s native state, and still causes the perverse kernel to grow and exercise itself.

Energy works differently, without the majesty of its transformative dynamics, to still change the dark kernel into an expression of solidified darkness.

And gravity still works, albeit to build webs of destructive relationship.

And because the essence of the four was one in Light in its native state, still there is something of that dynamic for the belittled, darkened incarnation of fourfoldness. The first cohesive manifestation — space-time-energy-gravity — architected by the urge of oneness in light’s innate properties to uphold unified fourfoldness of knowledge-power-presence-harmony, is in essence nothing other than act of love.

Such love, however, a contradiction of the very nature of the dark bosom and its titan kings, is a manifestation of forbidden love.

And so in spite of the darkness, and in spite of the powerful titan, something that is not of that nature initiates unendingly a signature of Forbidden Love…

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