The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #4: The Titan Reign

Pravir Malik
2 min readJan 8, 2022


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The Dark Bosom, containing all that Light is in a mysterious, unthinkable, unknowable, and absolutely opposite form to Light as Creator perhaps creates the basis of the opposite notions of Heaven and Hell, or perhaps the states of a first “nothingness” where all is undifferentiated in Light and a second “nothingness” where all is undifferentiated in Darkness.

But the Darkness is created by the four powers in Light separating themselves from Source and progressively becoming the opposite of all that they were. Hence in the Darkness are the remnants or inconceivable transmutations of those powers, now powerful in another way, because they are kings in darkness.

Powerful in another way, because they are kings in darkness

These kings are the sons of darkness, veritable Titans that hold sway over everything that begins to or tries to emerge from that Bosom. They rule that darkness and they rule even in worlds emergent from Darkness, in any world where darkness can enter.

Hence are imposed utter fragmentation, weakness, strife, decay, ignorance, and all else that will continue to divide and keep small, so that the Titans can amass greater and greater power through exercising fear, aggression, and deceit. Kingdoms built from utter forgetfulness of light orbit around these Titans, held in their power, unendingly.

…Unless something of Light were to descend from its native plain or to emerge from the apparent darkness…

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