The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #3: The Dark Bosom

Pravir Malik
3 min readDec 24, 2021

There is formidable darkness from which evolution seems to have emerged. In a Cosmology of Light, and as per the ruminations of the previous post, Light as Creator, this seems paradoxical. But in fact, it becomes possible if one were to consider Light projecting itself at speed zero.

If Light were to project itself at zero speed, then the reality so created would be the opposite from that where light exists at infinite speed. This would be true because light unable to move would not be able to fill up any volume within which it existed, and hence would be the seed of extreme fragmentation, in contrast to the omnipresence in its native state.


Further, since a volume, regardless of how small or large, would not now be connected by light, there would be no way in which happenings, appearings, disappearings, could be recorded and light would be completely ignorant of anything happening in that volume, in contrast to the omniscience that would exist in its native state where it traveled infinitely fast.

If anything not of the nature of light were to arise in a volume, it would be unopposed and would freely be able to exercise its will no matter how perverse, and therefore the light would be extremely weak. This again would be in contrast to the omnipotence with which it exists in its native state.


Finally, nothing in the volume would be connected, as all is connected in light’s native state, and hence there would be extreme disarray and the deliberate exercising of bad will, in contrast to harmony.

This reality, hence, would be a Dark Bosom, emptied completely of all the possibilities that existed in light’s native state.

There are ancient traditions that refer to the creation of absolute darkness in other terms. In a Chaldean legend the powers in an original reality, of omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, omniharmony, confident in themselves, separated themselves from Source. As they traveled further and further, and their connection to their origin grew weaker and weaker, they finally became the opposite of themselves and plunged into a state we refer to as darkness or night.

But light remains light, and even though by this mechanism of separation or projection of zero speed there is the opposite of what existed in Light’s native state, yet all of what Light is remains pregnant in each separated point, and in that aggregated and occult state of Night.


The Dark Bosom hence, even though it engenders weakness, fragmentation, ignorance, strife, darkness, disarray, has somewhere within it all that Light is.

Why Light may project itself in such ways will be explored in subsequent posts.

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