The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #7: The Dark Pralaya

Light in its native state has majesty to it. All possibility is contained within it. But when this light projects itself at zero speed all that majesty, infinity, and fruitful potentiality are through an act of magic made to disappear and the opposite of what IS in some now hidden realm expresses itself instead as a dark bosom.

It is from this dark bosom that material manifestation starts. The four powers in Light become four Titans who now exercise control over this dark realm. But because there is still the deep and mysterious essence of light in the complete darkness, its four powers exercise themselves, in spite of the titans, and matter is created.

This matter is created in an initial fourfold container of space-time-energy-gravity, itself an offspring of the dark bosom and implicit fourfoldness of light. A cosmic fourfold electro-magnetic-wavearchetype-masspotential field emerges within space-time-energy-gravity, and light having emerged from light, induces the further fourfold emergence of quark-lepton-boson-HiggsBoson particles. Quantum particles hence, that may appear to exist independently, still follow the law of forbidden love, and in binding together allow the emergence of a plethora of s_Shell-p_Shell-d_Shell-f_Shell atoms that themselves are an arrangement of different combinations of quantum particles.

This matter however is titan matter. It is made from a marriage of encompassing darkness being infiltrated by light. And this titan matter creates titan suns that express a dark light. There is no emergence as yet of an organizing principle that would be strong enough to withstand the gravitational pull of darkness. And this manifestation, this dark bosom, seeing the emergence of titan matter and titan suns in spite of the infinity of its darkness, functions as a massive black hole to pull back all manifested into the darkness.

This pullback of titan matter and titan suns into the dark bosom can be thought of as The Dark Pralaya.

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