The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #26: The Destined Courtship

The original flash emanating at infinite speed and creating the first container, the first tremendous packet of light, in which all else — even the darkness — is going to take place, is a great act of magic.

But the greatest magical act is when He, from his state beyond light, projects himself at zero speed to engulf all light. He in which all light is imminent and free now projects himself in such a way that all light remains imminent but bound. The light cannot travel, the light cannot connect, the light cannot be the substance in which all else takes place, and therefore that which is engendered can never know.

He becomes the eternal somnambulist, darkness enveloped only by darkness. He sits, immense and alone, not just with darkness as his robe, not just within that darkness, but as the darkness itself. He who bore vast identity with Her in an original Oneness has become now the alpha-point initiating a long journey toward an omega-point that must culminate in material Oneness where He and She are again One.

She must enter manifestation as all the layers of light until light itself forms a single edifice containing all its speeds from zero to infinity. This greatest act of magic hence, precipitates emergence and emergence, descent and descent, and the destined and long courtship between He and She.

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