The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #25: He

Pravir Malik
2 min readAug 13, 2022

For Her to materialize in her fullness in the earth-play, there must be eons of preparation with ambassadors, protagonists, heroes, and massive descents of light first paving the way.

There would be no use for her to come, after all, if the earth, its inhabitants, and earth-substance itself could not receive more of that fullness. And that is why in the past, she had sent only parts of herself.

And still, she would need to be convinced that it was time for her to radically alter the slow-paced trajectory of the cosmos. Was it time to change the balance of matter so that even the sun-born particles and atoms continuing to remain open to titan influence emanating from the dark bosom would once and for all forgo that dark alliance and step instead into new seeds and kernels merged only in light?

For this to happen, the deeper mystery of Oneness present even before the initial flashing out of Light that precipitated the play of the cosmos would need to materially display more of that oneness. Her mirror-self — He — in whose stability she dances new worlds into creation, would need to bind with her in ways that have never been done before so that Oneness, as it was in the deeper mystery, can become real even here in the material manifestation.

He would need to call Her from this other end of possibility. And for that, He would himself need to have first been present here…

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