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Pravir Malik
2 min readMay 23, 2020

Contextual Cosmology of Light Posts

The Doorway and Possibilities in a Cosmology of Light

The Trail of Cosmology of Light Academic Writings

The New Look of Quanta

Three Expressions of a Unified Theory

Some Cosmology of Light Video Presentations

Series of Cosmology of Light Books

First Series: Cosmology of Light (Overview of 6-book series)

Second Series: Applications in Cosmology of Light (Overview of 4-book series)

Third Series: Artistic Interpretation of Cosmology of Light (Ongoing, seven books so far)

Some Practical Applications

The Importance of Staking a Claim in the Quantum Gold Rush: A Personal Journey

Designing a Quantum Computer

Understand Universe xAI

RADQC Builds a Bridge Between Quantum Technology Dynamics & Nano-Cyborg Applications

Foundations for Future Technology Development

Reinterpretation of Schrodinger’s Wave Equation, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and Euler’s Identity

Modeling an Oscillating Universe

A Probabilistic Quantum Computer? Surely, You’re Joking, Dr. Feynman!

Minimum Viable Quantum Computational Whole

Biohacking with Multidimensional Light & the Ideal Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Device

IEEE Published Papers

Cosmology of Light Newsletters

Some Forbes Coverage

Forbes Articles on Light

The Holy Grail of Quantum Computing

The Quantum Computational Trajectory Enabling Abundance

Quantum Abundance: A Recap of the Forbes Technology Council Event

Penetrating the Quantum Unknown

Fractal Dynamics & Cutting The Quantum Computational Gordian Knot

A Second Quantum Computational Agenda

Personal Journeys

TEDxBeaconStreet Talk: The Power of Light to Make Change Happen

My Journey to Mathematize the Power in Light

My Journey to Mainstream Light as an Organizational Development Approach

An Author’s Memoir from Management and Fractals to Light

A Personal Journey Through Four Quanta

Some Musings

Musings from a Cosmology of Light

Mythological Musings from a Cosmology of Light