The Holy Grail of Quantum Computing

I just hosted a Forbes Technology Council event — Managing the Quantum Bubble (the link provides an overview of the event, a recording, and a link to the slides).

Four Forbes articles, written in quick succession, framed the content of the event:

  1. The Potential Impact Of Quantum-Level Dynamics On Human Resources

While the event was called Managing the Quantum Bubble to highlight the fact that today’s quantum computing trajectory is headed toward a dead-end, the more important part of the event focused on a redirection based on a different order of mathematics hinted at by “function” of atoms, that in my perception must emanate from the quantum levels.

I have worked on the beginnings of this mathematics articulated in a series of ten Cosmology of Light books and highlighted by a series of IEEE technical papers.

Redirection and reconception are important at this early stage in the life of the quantum computing industry. Viewing layers of matter and life — a.k.a quantum particles, atoms, molecular plans in cells — as one single system that are all fractal expressions of root patterns that must exist at the quantum level, is the holy grail that will yield a more stable, meaningful, and cost-effective quantum computer.

I am continuing with the Forbes quantum computing series to further illustrate my vision of quantum computation. Here is a further article to read:

Genetics and a New Genre of Intent-Based Quantum Computers

This is how we will realize possibilities beyond what digital computation can provide.

Link to QIQuantum

Index to Cosmology of Light Links



A view of the world through light and fractals

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