The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #44: Fractal Fullness

Pravir Malik
2 min readOct 4, 2022

What is Infinity? A true glimpse can be provided by material manifestation that begins to yield to its possibilities. That, after all, is what the Cosmos is — an adventure in yielding to all the possibility resident in Light. And with the five-foldness manifest now in quantum-particle, atom, and cell, something of what it is can be more fully experienced materially.

For life, based on five-fold cells can morph and fly, disappear and reappear in new forms while all the time holding Love and Light and all the gifts that come with it. It can expand to the limits of Cosmos, interact with antecedent layers of light, and make incarnate in matter all manner of wonder.

But the keystroke of manifestation is not just union with all that is, but also a precise display of unique individualities in an infinity of diversity that yet is one with the Oneness that is.

Materially that would mean that each manifested individual would be able to — because of the extraordinary flexibility, plasticity, and adaptability of the five-fold molecular plan-based cells — reflect materially any and all other individuality in whatever manifested form, such that that individual’s material expression remained centered around that unique individual, that unique flame-being that that individual is.

Trees and planets, distant galaxies even, in addition to whatever combination of individual flame-beings, would now materially become some expression of what these are in the material body of the unique flame-being, exercising the right to be in a new balance of all or some aspects of all with one, anchored deeply still in the One Light of which all are varied expressions.

Fractal fullness became a new property of material manifestation.

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