The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #11: c-World Embryo

Light at c allows another world to be created. This world is relative to the native world of light. This, in contrast to light projected at zero, which is an absolute other. It is a close relative to the native world of light allowing more of the infinity in light to manifest…

This c-World creates a stable substance, a foundation, that allows another kind of matter to form in it, in another way. Titan Matter emerged in spite of its context, because of the love that is forbidden in the world where there is no light. c-World is created because light slows down to a degree that allows that which is hidden in light to show itself in another way. Love is no longer forbidden and light acts openly.

There is differentiation of the infinity held previously as oneness, and as vast number of subtle seeds borne by light-love express themselves in first material form, a big bang is precipitated.

This big bang or crack is the first womb of material creation ushering in first substance into a c-World embryo…birth in light will now beget birth of light…

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