A Starter Kit to Jump-Start the Second Quantum Computational Agenda

Pravir Malik
5 min readFeb 3, 2024
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The Second Quantum Computational Agenda is driven by the need to replace the triple anchors of currently conceived quantum computation by i) already existing entanglement, ii) superposition based on a form being a switch to precipitate function, iii) Nature marked by qualified determinism rather than randomness.

This requires a mind shift and a deep sense that the new set of triple anchors holds water, and for those who are curious and want to develop this, I lay out some resources to begin to engage with this possibility.

Forbes Technology Council Quantum Computing Events

In my capacity as the Forbes Technology Council group leader for Quantum Computing, I led five quantum computing events over the last year. Recordings and highlights are available:

Forbes Articles Related to the Second Quantum Computational Agenda

The following 8 Forbes articles I wrote over the last year articulate important aspects of the second agenda:

IEEE Technical Articles Related to the Second Quantum Computational Agenda

This is a series of IEEE-published peer-reviewed articles also presented at various conferences:

  1. An Algorithm for the Emergence of Life Based on a Multi-Layered Symmetry-Based Model of Light
  2. Light-Based Interpretation of Quanta and its Implications on Quantum Computing
  3. A Light-Based Quantum-Computational Model of Genetics
  4. Fourfold Properties of Light and its Relevance to Quantum Computation
  5. A Light-based Interpretation of Schrodinger’s Wave Equation and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle with Implications on Quantum Computation
  6. A Light-based Interpretation of Euler’s Identity with Implications on Quantum Computation
  7. The Role of a Light-Based Quantum Computational Model in the Creation of an Oscillating Universe
  8. Envisioning A Light-Based Quantum-Computational Nano-Cyborg
  9. Enhancing Feynman’s Quantum Computational Positioning to Inject New Possibility into the Foundations of the Quantum Computing Industry

Mathematical Treatise on Cosmology of Light

This series of books is the foundation for the IEEE articles, the Forbes articles, and the Forbes events:

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