The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #17: The Wonder of Atomic-Equilibria

Pravir Malik
2 min readMay 27, 2022

Shepherded by the four invisible presences the multiverse of quantum particles is shaped into the holy chain of 108 atoms. Each atom embodies a unique meta-function instrumental to the play of possibility in the macro space-time-energy-gravity container.

There is the category of atoms of power such as hydrogen and helium. The great adventurers whose consciousness sets up the broad dynamics of atomic possibility, allowing other categories of atoms to manifest in star-containers created by their fusion.

There is the category of atoms of presence such as iron and nickel. Immensely stable, these are the workhorses that bind together bigger and bigger structure through their solidness. Adventure marries concreteness to get further grounded in manifestation.

There is the category of atoms of harmony such as Cerium and Europium. Experimentations in collectivity, binding together a larger number of quantum particles at the atomic level.

There is the category of atoms of knowledge such as carbon and silicon. Vehicles of intelligence, they also contain archetypal possibilities that will be reflected in all other categories of atoms. Chains and conglomerates of atoms yield to their impulsion.

Magnificent wholenesses, bound to hold within them extraordinary force and possibility, each atom of the holy chain is not only a world onto itself, replete with the fourfold dynamics of Light, but also the foundation for all future material possibility.

To look within reveals as much mystery as the mystery that will be built outwardly through them. Veritably, a wonder of equilibrium…

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