The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #33: The New Era of Being-Possibility

Pravir Malik
2 min readOct 2, 2022

Earth-beings arriving at earth-flames attract new possibilities to the material plane. Till now, there has been a plethora of functionality manifest as huge variety of rocks, plants, animals, and the individuality of human beings, only. These all show some aspects of the interplay of the endless function of the deeper, fourfold properties of Light.

The expression of function due to the Mind of Darkness has always been mixed and has been rather a signal flare or a brief meteorite disappearing in the immensity of night. But with the arrival of earth-flames dressed in different matter, one formed by the directness of light and in which no strain of darkness can exist, there is something extraordinarily beautiful and brilliant, a different genre of peoples, that has come into being.

This new creation shines differently, and the nature of its light becomes a beacon that calls across the cosmos and across even the antecedent layers of light governed by different macro-beings.

Allured by the call, these beings now want to come to earth, want to partake of the new adventure that is unfolding, and so is taken a bold step. Earth-flames couple with typal-lights — those prehistoric gods of antecedent layers, to begin a new era of being-possibility.

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