Penetrating the Quantum Unknown (Recap of December 12, 2023, Forbes Tech Council Event)

Pravir Malik
3 min readDec 14, 2023

I just hosted the year's last Forbes Technology Council quantum computing event yesterday. The theme was From the Near to the Far. While technological development related to the ‘Near’ is relatively straightforward, I focused on surfacing potential technologies to get us to the ‘Far.’ The basic premise to drive this exploration is based on the fact that the quantum realm separates the visible from the invisible, implying that no matter how much we know, there will always be more that we do not know, which in turn will always be a source of new technologies.

I used the double-slit experiment (The Experiment That Broke Reality) for the investigation. Looking at the experiment in different ways, there is a cast of characters that appear — all derived from a hidden whole referred to as W(L):

The four oval-bound areas represent four approaches to quantum computation, each hinged on a different kind of ‘observer’ relative to the double-slit experiment. The branch on the far left summarizes the current quantum computation approach starting with the r(W(L)) actor. Key points to do with our current approach to quantum computation in the context of this way of looking at the quantum realm are summarized here:

It becomes necessary to grasp the notion of the quantum computational whole, W(L), to get a handle on the other possible branches. The following thought experiment helps with that:

Over 40 executives from Forbes Council Tech companies registered for the event, and the live recording can be viewed here: Forbes Event December 12, 2023 — From the Near to the Far.

I also did a shorter summary video to capture the main points covered in the extended Forbes event. Note that this version is slightly different:

Previous 2023 Forbes Technology Council quantum computing events can be viewed here:

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Thought pieces referenced in the event include:

  1. A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality, MIT Technology Review
  2. Light-based interpretation of quanta and its implications on quantum computing, IEEE
  3. Enhancing Feynman’s Quantum Computational Positioning to Inject New Possibility into the Foundations of the Quantum Computing Industry, IEEE
  4. A Light-based Interpretation of Euler’s Identity with Implications on Quantum Computation, IEEE
  5. A Light-based Interpretation of Schrodinger’s Wave Equation and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle with Implications on Quantum Computation, IEEE
  6. Envisioning A Light-Based Quantum-Computational Nano-Cyborg, IEEE
  7. The Role of a Light-Based Quantum Computational Model in the Creation of an Oscillating Universe, IEEE
  8. Minimum Viable Quantum Computational Whole (Building a World from the Double-Slit Experiment), Cosmology of Light Blog

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