Biohacking with Multidimensional Light & the Ideal Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Device

Pravir Malik
15 min readDec 25, 2023
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I have been intimately interested in the field of light for many years. This interest stemmed from childhood experiences of light that bordered on the mystical (a TEDx talk at the end of this introduction summarizes this) and has culminated in the ongoing writing of volumes of books on light (17 books to date spread over three series [1][2][3]). I have also been a regular user of technology-based biohacking [4], such as PEMF devices, for a couple of decades, and of late, I have been contemplating writing a book that combines my experience and perception of light with some aspects of PEMF to further contribute to the growing field of biohacking. A very recent incident where I used a brand new PEMF device — a Bubble2 — to address unexpected physical discomfort cemented this aspiration.

In this blog post, I offer a sense of parts of the book (planned to be published in 2024) that will portray a multidimensional light-based framework to assess the ideal PEMF devices. This post, therefore, will be structured as follows:

  1. I will begin with a brief overview of the multi-dimensionality of light and derive some of its deeper properties through a thought experiment (Section 1).
  2. I will discuss the Sun-Earth complex from the point of view of important electromagnetic fields and tie the action of the fields to some of the properties of light that arise when considering its multi-dimensionality (Section 2).
  3. I will then review manifestations of light, suggesting how different layers of matter and life are nothing other than projections of light (Section 3).
  4. This will lead to some practical insights (Section 4) and implications for an ideal PEMF device in light of the preceding discussion (Section 5).
  5. Finally, I will offer a personal testimonial (Section 6) and end with some concluding thoughts (Section 7).

1. Multi-dimensionality & Deeper Properties of Light

We know the speed of light is a constant in the physical universe — 186,000 miles per second. The immense diversity of matter and life requires a foundation of constancy to hold its expression and experimentation together. Without such a medium of constancy, emerging forms of matter and life would not be able to accumulate via quanta and would quickly disperse. The world around us would be utterly different than it is now. It would be more of a world of fluid energies and concepts. But such a world perhaps already exists and can be imagined by considering light at other constant speeds greater than 186,000 miles per second.

Such extrapolation is precisely what I have done in the 17-volume mathematical treatise on light [1][2][3] that describes a cosmology based on light — a Cosmology of Light. In such a cosmology, the source layer, or origin of all forms of light, can be envisioned as a layer where light travels infinitely fast. This suggests a different dimension of light, where light acts differently than how it is assumed to act in the physical universe. Similarly, projection to different constant speeds gives insight into other possible dimensions of light.

Deeper properties of light can be derived from such a consideration:

  1. If such a source of light were to exist in a volume — regardless of size — since it travels infinitely fast, it would be present everywhere at the same time. That is, it will be all-present or omnipresent.
  2. In that volume, since everything that arises or disappears would do so in the fabric of light, the light would have an instantaneous knowledge of what is happening in its substance — that is, it will be all-knowing or omniscient.
  3. Since light connects everything instantaneously, there would be an implicit harmony in it — it would therefore be all-harmonious or omniharmonious.
  4. If anything not of the nature of light were to arise in its substance, it would sooner or later be overcome by the nature of light. So light will be omnipotent in that volume.

This thought exercise gives insight into easily unconsidered but fundamental properties of light — we can refer to these as presence (for omnipresence), power (for omnipotence), knowledge (for omniscience), and harmony (for omniharmony).

2. Sun-Earth Complex

A key aspect of our life is the Sun-Earth complex. We have evolved on Earth under the light from the sun. In this evolution over billions of years, supporting fields and frequencies remain instrumental to our well-being. Primary amongst them is the earth’s geomagnetic field created by the interaction of its cooling inner core with the more molten metals circulating around it.

This field extends thousands of miles into space, protecting the Earth from cosmic radiation and charged particles from the sun. But the field is also naturally pulsating between 25 and 65 microtesla [5] since continually changing conditions create it. The frequency of this pulsation is estimated to be approximately 11.8 Hz [6]. At a fundamental level, this pulsating field is instrumental in maintaining life. This is because the materializing form will tend to stagnate in the initial versions in which it arises, or stagnate in some groove of dysfunction it may become subject to. The action of pulsation ensures that the essence of light will continually animate the form, thereby giving it life with its aspects of adaptability and vitality.

credit: NASA

Another key set of fields/frequencies is indicated by the Schumann resonances (SR)[7]. The fundamental mode of SR is a natural frequency of 7.83 hertz, which is believed to be vital for the human brain and body [8]. The fundamental mode of SR is the lowest and most dominant frequency of these waves.

Now, assessing various sun-earth fields from the point of view of the deeper properties — presence, power, knowledge, harmony — of light:

  1. The earth’s geomagnetic field (frequency 11.8Hz) reflects light’s property of ‘presence’ in that it is the base field or subtle-material foundation by which possibilities implicit in the infinitely fast-moving ubiquitous light will manifest as life.
  2. The Schumann resonances (7.83Hz and others) bound by the earth’s ionosphere create an arena — a system of ‘harmony’ — within which life expresses itself and can be tuned to ideal states through electromagnetic resonance.
  3. The variation of intensity and frequency of these fields, which results in dynamic pulsation, is a reflection of light’s property of ‘power’ in that it guards against stagnation.
  4. The sun-earth complex establishes an identity — a unique state of being with possibilities of becoming — an archetypal imprint, in other words, that arises within it and can be thought of as a reflection of light’s property of knowledge. Solfeggio frequencies (ranging from 174Hz to 963Hz) [9] are reflective of these archetypes of ‘knowledge’ and allow arising life to tune to deeper possibilities embedded within this sun-earth identity.

Mechanically, it can be said that such frequencies of light lend themselves as vehicles to manifest something of the properties that exist within the infinitely-fast moving ubiquitous light. When seen from this point of view, we can intuit that the properties within light are important and that all that arises is a play of it. This is going to be further elaborated in the next section.

3. Manifestations of Light

The four properties of light — presence, power, knowledge, and harmony — can be seen to be instrumental in many emergent layers of the cosmos. We have already seen how the earth-sun complex can be modeled to be a manifestation of these four properties. But let us step back to the level of the cosmic parameters of space, time, energy, and gravity. To see what space, time, energy, and gravity really are, we have first to understand how and why light must project itself from its original layer, where it moves infinitely fast, to the prevalent physical layer, where we know it travels at 186,000 miles per second.

Considering the original layer, we have already conceived of properties that must exist implicitly within light — presence, power, knowledge, and harmony. Mathematically, these can be thought of as four large sets with many sub-properties related to the concepts of ‘presence,’ ‘power,’ ‘knowledge, ' and ‘harmony,’ respectively. Light has to slow down so that this vast number of sub-properties can be differentiated or come into focus. Such slowing down can be considered an act of ‘quantization,’ and quanta can be regarded as taking something subtle in a faster-moving layer of light and expressing it more materially in a slower-moving layer of light.


A series of such acts of quantization, or slowing down of light eventually to the known speed of 186,000 miles per second, will be required for the elements of the four sets to show up in ‘seed’ form. Showing up in seed form is significant and gives insight into what space, time, energy, and gravity are (for a deeper analysis, refer to a series of peer-reviewed IEEE published articles that concisely cover these concepts in technical-mathematical detail [10]):

  1. It is these seeds that can be thought of as populating or creating all of ‘space.’ Being so, it expresses archetypes of possibility and is related to light’s property of ‘knowledge.’
  2. ’Time’ can be thought of as the inevitability of the concept contained in each seed in space, expressing itself against all odds. Being so, time has to be related to light’s property of ‘power.’
  3. ‘Energy’ can be thought of as the process by which that which is subtle in each seed becomes material. Being so, it can be seen to be related to light’s property of ‘presence.’
  4. ‘Gravity’ can be thought of as the relationship between seed and seed or seeds and seeds that can be seen to materialize in all physical arrangements. Being so, it can be seen to be related to light’s property of ‘harmony.’

The cosmic parameters of space-time-energy-gravity are summarized in their relationship to the four properties of light in row 1 of the following table:

Similarly, the four properties of light can be seen to be instrumental in the creation of the electromagnetic spectrum (row 2), bosons (row 3), quantum particles (row 4), atoms (row 5), and molecular plans in cells (row 6) (Note: for the reader who wants to know the details, please refer to the books and IEEE articles already referenced [1][2][3][10]).

4. Some Practical Insights

When we refer to light, we usually describe it as an electromagnetic wave traveling at 186,000 miles per second. From the previous sections, however, it should be clear that the electromagnetic wave is nothing but an edge of light.

As expressed earlier, light is not only multidimensional but materially expresses itself in continually more complex form so that more of the possibility within it can manifest in the physical universe. Light shows up as the cosmic parameters of space-time-energy-gravity, as the electromagnetic spectrum, quantum particles, atoms, and molecular plans in cells. With each emerging layer, more of the complexity of light can manifest.

But further, as can be observed in this progressive manifestation:

  1. All categories of quantum particles need to participate to create a single stable atom.
  2. Similarly, the vast range of molecules is based on the participation of all categories of atoms.
  3. Molecular plans, likewise, consist of a combination of a vast range of molecules.
  4. In other words, all the properties of light — presence, power, knowledge, harmony — that exist in union implicitly in light are impelled to coordinate as one, explicitly, to adhere to their deeper nature.

When all the independent properties act together, the deeper magic of what light is can manifest.

As the natural emergence takes place, as suggested earlier, there is a process of quantization in which something unseen is being parsed out in material form. When this process can proceed unhindered — despite the marginalizing dynamics that life-forms consciously or subconsciously become subject to — then life-forms thrive, and the deep mystery of light and its possibilities can act alchemically.

Summarizing, there appear to be three ways in which light-alchemy can take place:

  1. The first way becomes apparent by reviewing the natural layering already in effect in the dynamics of the cosmos, as captured by the preceding table. What will be noticed is that the electromagnetic spectrum is a primary form of light that appears before matter begins to form. It is instrumental in setting up and executing pathways of interaction and communication between all subsequent forms of light. That said, if we could influence dynamics at this level, local forms would naturally also benefit (note that in the dynamics already described briefly in the sun-earth complex, it is the pulsing of electromagnetic fields, as in the case of the geomagnetic fields and the Schumann resonances, that, as was suggested, inject or animate life to help keep it from stagnation. This implies that even at the level of local form, it is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) that would animate subsequent local instances of quantum particles, atoms, molecules, and molecular plans).
  2. Further, since all the layers of matter and life can be seen to be connected by the fourfold properties of light, this four-fold path will provide another avenue to influence life-forms.
  3. Finally and perhaps most importantly, there is also the potential opening of layers of the local form to the deeper dynamics of multidimensional light in which the larger process of Life can continue to express more and more of the possibility implicit in light, as could be seen in the fourfold dynamics reviewed in the sun-earth complex section earlier.

5. Implications for PEMF Devices

Based on the brief preceding analyses, there appear to be at least three approaches — two mechanical and one architectural — suggested for PEMF devices:

  1. The first is due to the mechanical effects of the pulsating action of the electromagnetic field, which is known to have a positive effect due to cascading chemical dynamics on atoms, molecules, and molecular plans in cells [11].
  2. The second is due to mechanically being able to leverage the four-property pathway that exists from the level of the electromagnetic spectrum to molecular plans in cells. A way to do this is to create an electromagnetic-signal-complex that pulses at four frequencies representative of light’s properties of presence, power, knowledge, and harmony in such a way that it will activate the corresponding presence-power-knowledge-harmony counterparts at the level of quantum particles, atoms, and molecular plans in cells [12].
  3. The third is to architecturally open life-forms to the deeper action of multidimensional light by leveraging all four properties of light simultaneously. Note that this is different and distinct from the previous approach of mechanically activating the four properties within a signal. When all four properties work together, then the likelihood that multidimensional light can act in more of its fullness becomes higher. This is because the union of all four properties will tend to create a field closer to the field that exists at the original layer of light, where the existence of the four properties is in implicit union in the very fiber of light. By creating a similar field in this layer where light travels at 186,000 miles per second, the resulting resonance will likely attract more of the deeper action of light resident in the source layer.

Ideally, therefore, the PEMF device should be such that it will:

  1. Have a mechanical cascading chemical effect that positively influences atoms, molecules, molecular plans, and cells [11].
  2. Generate a single signal that can mechanically activate the fourfold pathway through layers of matter and life.
  3. Architecturally activate presence, just as the earth’s geomagnetic field activates presence, by emulating or resonating the intensity and frequency of the earth’s geomagnetic field.
  4. Architecturally activate power, just as the earth’s field activates power by small natural variation or pulsing, by also pulsing its field.
  5. Architecturally activate harmony, just as the earth activates harmony by generating Schumann resonance, by also generating Schumann resonance fields.
  6. Architecturally activate knowledge, just as the earth activates archetypes of knowledge in the sun-earth identity by leveraging phenomena such as Solfeggio frequencies, by also leveraging and pulsing select Solfeggio and other frequencies.
  7. Be capable of generating a low-intensity complex signal that can contain all the frequencies required to activate presence, power, knowledge, and harmony simultaneously.
  8. Be capable of controlling the complex signal to project select Solfeggio and other sun-earth identity-type frequencies.
  9. Be capable of adjusting its output signature based on automatic feedback from life-forms.
  10. Be capable of setting up simple programs to customize biohacking based on each of the previous points.

A PEMF device that emanates a base field similar to the geomagnetic field, is able to create mechanical cascading and four-property pathways, and is able to pulse at Schumann resonances and other chosen frequencies, such as Solfeggio frequencies, while staying within microtesla level intensities in tune with the earth's natural microtesla intensity, will then likely have a profound effect in causing life-forms to naturally resonate in such a way that there is a triple-action of light: i) the mechanical action that will dissipate local dysfunction; ii) the light-based four-property pathway from the electromagnetic spectrum to the molecular plans in cells; and iii) the multidimensional action that will have a higher likelihood of allowing deeper founts of light to act according to logic that belongs to those multidimensional realms.

6. A Personal Testimonial

Last week, I had a personal incident that required immediate attention. I instinctively reached out for a wearable PEMF device- the Bubble2 — that was within my reach, and on wearing it, I experienced relief within a few minutes. Here is what happened:

I did not know much about the device's mechanics, but having experienced the positive effects, I decided to frame some characteristics of an ideal PEMF device based on the existing mathematical model of Light that I have worked on for many years. Not surprisingly, in probing into the mechanics of the Bubble-2, I learned that it was already emulating aspects of the ideal device from a Cosmology of Light point of view.

For those interested in benefiting from this and related devices, I refer you to the following site:


7. Conclusion

In this blog post, I have presented a brief preview of some aspects of a planned biohacking book to be published in 2024. This book will seek to leverage key insights from the mathematical treatise on the power of light embodied in the 17 Cosmology of Light volumes published to date to frame parameters for the ideal PEMF device. While best-in-class PEMF devices are currently engineered to influence cellular action so that the natural processes of the cell can be activated to improve life organically, the suggestion in this post is to create PEMF devices that more easily allow the four-property light-based pathway, and the multidimensional aspects of light, to also be leveraged. Multidimensional light has its own logic and has resulted in a robust, evolving cosmos that promotes adaptability and the emergence of ever-more sophisticated forms embodying more of what is contained in the deeper layers of light [10]. PEMF devices that can be engineered to enter into resonance with these deeper layers of light may more likely allow its users to also partake in the dynamic, comprehensive, alchemical logic of light.


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