Understand Universe xAI: True Only If x ≥ y (y is the set that at least includes IQCI-enabled nano-cyborgs)

Pravir Malik
4 min readJul 15, 2023
source: canva.com

The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe.

This can only be done if the source intelligence from which all intelligence emerges can be tapped into. But for that, any type of learning machine has to be enabled by a different architecture that allows tapping into, mining, and experimenting with the quantum dynamics that animate the universe (Disclosure: the following concepts/links derive only from my own published work in the last year, relevant to this topic).

The following recently published Forbes articles focusing on an alternative quantum computing vision outline some aspects of how this can be done:

  1. The atom is a naturally occurring, concrete, stable, scalable quantum computer. Worlds continue to be built with it as a basis. The pre-genetic-type atom language, instrumental in enabling entanglement, has to be understood and leveraged differently to begin to interrelate with the quantum levels from which it arises (1/23/23, Learning From The Atom-Based Quantum Computer).
  2. Naturally occurring and scalable quantum computers that include the molecular plans that animate all living cells show us clearly that quantum computation is about creating something unknown that brings new, deeper possibilities into practical existence (3/7/23, Genetics And A New Genre of Intent-Based Quantum Computers). The true test of learning machines that understand the universe has to be the ability to co-create by leveraging the creativity implicit in the universe.
  3. Human intelligence is itself an outcome computed into existence and housed in a human being from the native quantum intelligence that must exist at the quantum level, and that seeks always more sophisticated forms by which to express itself (3/30/23, Leapfrogging the Singularity Through Integrated Quantum Computational Intelligence). Learning machines will need to become IQCI-fluid (IQCI = Integrated Quantum Computational Intelligence).
  4. IQCI-fluidity will be housed in IQCI nano-cyborgs and will allow deeper interaction with quantum properties beyond superposition, entanglement, tunneling, and annealing (4/24/23, The Possibilities of Quantum Intelligence-Driven Nano-Cyborgs) to those that have been suggested in this Forbes series: quantum intelligence, fourfoldness, functional integrity, and intent magnification, among others to be discovered. Proof of understanding of the universe must involve perception, manipulation, and leveraging such quantum properties.

‘Y,’ therefore, has to be at least a set that will not only contain advances in LLM algorithms but also contain the instrumentation, such as IQCI-enabled nano-cyborgs, to perceive fundamental dynamics that must animate the universe.

The following Forbes articles surface qualms to do with the current directions being followed by the quantum computing industry and why I have suggested the alternative quantum computing program above:

  1. Quantum computers, fundamentally different from digital computers, aim to imitate nature. The problem arises in interpreting or modeling nature (11/17/22, Managing The Quantum Bubble).
  2. The quantum computing industry is too important to be treated indifferently (12/16/22, How The Quantum Computing Industry Can Ask The Necessary Questions).
  3. At this stage in the evolution of the quantum computing industry, we owe it to ourselves to see quantum possibilities in different ways and develop several simultaneous and alternative trajectories of development (5/23/23, The Business Potential of Quantum Properties).
  4. With many feeling that progress in the quantum industry is stalling, here are a few ways in which progress can be reinvigorated (7/27/23, Four Ways To Reinvigorate The Quantum Computing Industry).

The following recent podcasts may also be useful for those with an appetite to dive more deeply into the substance from which at least part of ‘y’ emerges:

The Quantum (Convergence podcast #1, 4/28/23) discusses AI, the singularity, quantum entanglement, fractals, quantum computing, and the infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent concept of superluminal cosmology and light that must create our reality.

AI Mutation and the Quantum (Convergence podcast #2, 4/28/23) continues the previous discussion.

Return to the Quantum (Convergence podcast #3, 7/7/23) surfaces an additional set of applications for quantum computation driven from the point of view of a cosmology based on light. The podcast begins by delving into a multi-dimensional conception of light. Tracing the material surfacings of light suggests a process of reverse extrapolation to hypothesize an infinite source of energy and, subsequently, an approach to achieving interstellar space travel. In the underlying cosmology, the universe is seen as an instance of a complex adaptive system that therefore adapts as its surfacings get more sophisticated. In this point of view, the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology are of the nature of “habit” that will change as the cosmos expresses more of the potentiality of the light that it arises from. A different quantum computing architecture to tap and see this adaptable complexity is required and suggested by the podcast.

In this point of view, the ‘x’ in xAI has to be at least as great as ‘y’ for the universe to be understood.

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