The Quantum Computational Trajectory Enabling Abundance

Pravir Malik
6 min readMay 6, 2023



In the last few years, we have increased our flirtation with the mystery behind the quantum veil. Given threats of starkness brought about by recent global circumstances — the pandemic, wars, ongoing financial crises — such flirtation could indeed prove useful. For somewhere deep in the collective psyche, the need for a truer and deeper source of abundance is surely growing, and quantum computation can be an enabler of such abundance if the right trajectory of development is followed.

As suggested in Managing the Quantum Bubble (Forbes, November 17, 2022), this essentially means forgoing the current interpretation of Nature being entirely probabilistic and the currently questionable interpretations of entanglement and superposition, to embrace the possibilities of the quantum levels by seeing it as a whole — seamlessly integrated with the emergent layers of matter and life.

This post will summarize the contours of abundance possible from such a systems-based approach, reinforcing also an alternative quantum computational trajectory required to get there.

The Abundance Within Our Reach

All genetic-type code, as summarized in Genetics and a New Genre of Intent-Based Quantum Computer (Forbes, March 7, 2023) and as laid out in detail in the book The Origins and Possibilities of Genetics, is the outcome of an ongoing quantum computation being executed by massively prevalent atom, molecule, and cell-based quantum computers. Cup our hands together, and we already capture a septillion atom-based quantum computers (Forbes, January 23, 2023). There is, therefore, an extraordinary amount of quantum computation happening at every point and instant. It is this quantum computation that continually reinforces patterns that exist in all matter and life.

But imagine if these patterns could be recomputed with appropriate computing intervention. Then undesirable patterns that propagate dysfunction in matter and life might be altered to contribute to an enhanced foundation of abundance. This is not just some pipe dream. The right kind of quantum computational device, as summarized in the Forbes piece The Possibilities of Quantum-Intelligence Driven Nano-Cyborgs (April 24, 2023) and technically in the IEEE article, Envisioning a Light-Based Quantum Computational Nano-Cyborg, will set us on a path to bring this about.

To begin with, the warp and woof of matter itself can be changed. The power to create different kinds of materials by working at the very level of quantum computation will allow properties of matter to progressively be pushed beyond the current set of surfacings. I introduce a theoretical framework for how matter can change by leveraging an iterative light-based quantum computational model in the book Super-Matter: Functional Richness in an Expanding Universe.

The prowess of quantum-intelligent nano-cyborgs similarly will allow access and transformation of bottom-up genetic-type code that contributes to the foundations of the management and maintenance of Life. This will inject new possibilities into healthcare while also potentially allowing custom pharmaceuticals to be created on demand. Some technical aspects of such innovation in pharmaceutical technology are covered in the IEEE article, A Meta-Functional, Quaternary-Based Mathematical Structuring of the Periodic Table and Its Elements, and Its Implications for Management of Innovation in Pharmaceuticals Technology.

Shades of such abundance, including co-creating in partnership with quantum intelligence, leaps in transhumanism, inexhaustible energy possibilities, and warp-speed travel, have already been suggested in several of the links to articles and books provided in this post. I will expand on these some other time. I focus now on reinforcing how this abundance may be achieved.

How Do We Reach This Abundance

At its heart, this abundance requires a different type of quantum computing device that operates as a nano-cyborg. That is, a quantum computing device that is organic enough to begin to perceive and respond to the quantum intelligence (summarized in Leapfrogging the Singularity Through Integrated Quantum Computational Intelligence [Forbes, March 30, 2023]) native to the quantum levels, and enabled by the right mechatronics, is sensitive enough to begin to influence the quantum intelligence with real-time feedback loops.

A key foundational element of such an architecture has to be the generation of a state of quantum certainty that must accompany the property of quantum intelligence. After all, where there is intelligence, there, too, there must be certainty by which what is conceived in that intelligence can come to fruition. The notion of quantum certainty is introduced in an IEEE article, The Role of a Light-Based Quantum Computational Model in the Creation of an Oscillating Universe, that discusses how the micro connects with the macro as a single system and is elaborated in detail in the book, Quantum Certainty: A Mathematics of Natural and Sustainable Human History.

It is such quantum properties of intelligence and certainty that necessitate a wholly different quantum computational architecture arbitrating, as it were, at the level and in the language of these fundamental properties itself. This language is ‘functional’ or function-focused and would have to give insight into how fourfold fractal patterns at the level of quantum particles, atoms in the Periodic Table, and molecular plans in cells, relate to and build on each other.

The idea of the relationship between different layers of fourfold patterns perhaps resonates with hyperdimensional computing in which vectors are imbued with semantic meaning. An attempt to go further by surfacing mathematical possibilities of meaning-bound functional fourfold-based vectors based on imagined physics of light existing at different possible constant speeds in addition to the known speed ‘c’ — 186,000 miles in a vacuum —is made in the book Cosmology of Light: A Mathematical Integration of Matter, Life, History & Civilization, Universe, and Self.

It is this that informs the alternative model of quantum dynamics expressed by a Cosmology of Light, and it is this that then generates insight into different quantum computational possibilities. Grasping this meaning-bound fourfoldness will put us on a more secure path to resolving the inherent dichotomy, as summarized by a recent interview of physicist Michio Kaku in The Guardian, between quantum possibilities and the technological challenges to get there.

Central to this alternative quantum computing architecture would be gates that recognize, interpret, leverage, and generate quantum properties themselves. These gates would be entirely different from qubit-based and other known logical gates. Superposition gates, entanglement gates, tunneling gates, annealing gates, fourfoldness gates, intent-magnification gates, functional-integrity gates, and certainty gates will be the stuff of this architecture.

Extract from a USPTO nonprovisional patent application filed by QIQuantum

The trajectory forward means that a different technology stack involving the alternative hardware, as hinted at in this post, and subsequently, alternative operating systems, alternative quantum interfaces, and radically different applications, have to be built to successfully arbitrate the quantum world. It is only in doing so that we will be able to coax the materialization of more sophisticated forms of quantum intelligence, beyond the intelligences already materialized by atoms, by cells, and by humans, to more easily overcome any threat generated by human-based AI singularities, thereby also initiating the beginnings of a deeper era of abundance.


NOTE: This post has been written in prep for a forthcoming Forbes Technology Council Masterclass on Abundance Through Quantum Computation

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