The Origins and Possibilities of Genetics

The second book — The Origins and Possibilities of Genetics — in the Applications in Cosmology of Light series is now complete.

The 6-book Cosmology of Light series explored a mathematical structure of existence based on infinite possibility. The infinite possibility is suggested as being the result of light existing in a native state in which it travels infinitely fast. Properties of light traveling infinitely fast are those of omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and omninurturance. In other words all information, all potential information, and all possibility is contained within Light, and this implicit codification of information in Light itself is the origin of Genetics.

As light projects itself at slower speeds down to c, 186,000 miles per second in vacuum, it creates different realities that exist simultaneously such that the realities created when light travels slower are contained within the realities already created where light travels faster. While there could be an infinite number of projected layers of Light, through logic of quantization these layers resolve themselves into a finite and distinct set that each embodies something fundamental to the creation of material existence. This gives rise to a quaternary-based multi-layered mathematical structure in which the unity of light traveling infinitely fast separates in an increasing display of distinct functionality to create the reality of infinite diversity we are familiar with in this reality where light travels at c. This happens through a process of precipitation that will be adequately explored in this book. This process of precipitation can also be perceived in the Light-Matrix as a “subtle” backbone or strand not unlike the backbone or downward-strand of the double helix DNA structure that animates every living cell. In other words the very basis of genetic structure is potentially tied to the process of precipitation.

Further, as light slows down the codification implicit in its native state begins to further materialize and generates “libraries” of information as it were, that are accessible to all subsequent layers created by “slower” light. These libraries are the basis of genetic information and heredity.

The second strand of this subtle double helix DNA structure can be perceived as arising in the Space-Matrix as a function of time. As will be discovered the dynamics of the Space-Matrix are intimately connected with the realities set up by the Light-Matrix. The infinite variety of material existence exists as numerous materialized “ecosystems” bounded by these two strands. The very structure of chromosomes that we are familiar with, and within these of genes, articulating information through four repeating nucleotide bases, may be seen as similar to the quaternary-base structure that prescribes the logic of the subtle-ecosystems just behind the reality so set up by light traveling at c.

Further, the process of mutation, involving also the subtle-ecosystems, will be seen to vary depending on which layer of light is invoked. Massively significant mutations such as took place on the SRY gene and led to the evolution of human from the chimpanzee species are architected by a layer of light traveling faster than c. The very process by which such significant mutation can take place will be articulated by the quaternary-based mathematical structure explored in this book. By contrast degenerative mutation leading to dysfunction and disease are linked to the layer of reality so set up by light projected at zero speed.

The progressive creation of the material universe itself will be seen to be dependent on these antecedent subtle-libraries of genetic-type information. It will be proposed that in the adventure of material existence some initially simple ecosystem of genetic-type logic, perhaps describing the functioning of a space-time-gravity-energy quadrumvirate, or of the electromagnetic spectrum, was projected into the layer defined by light traveling at c. As conditions within that relatively simple reality ripened, an organic interaction between the layers of light initiated by the layer at c was put in place, and thus began the increasingly bold adventure of materialization of light we now find ourselves in. In other words all evolution is of the nature of genetic-type evolution, with the material possibilities being endless.

Of necessity any discussion on genetics will have to explore the reality of information, as it exists in layers of light antecedent to matter. The notion of matter itself will have to become more sophisticated to admit of the reality by which its possibilities and changes are arbitrated by a constant “quantum” computation. Such computation has to be quantum since it is the quantum that elaborates the interface between material and more subtle light-based layers of existence.

Hence this book will explore the notion of content in Light as the origin of genetics, the process of precipitation of Light and the subsequent and mathematical creation of subtle-DNA replete with infinite four-base logic-ecosystems as the origin of genetic structure and heredity, and quantum computation and its intimate relationship with the structure and evolution in matter as the origin of genetic mutation and all further genetic and post-genetic possibility.

This book hence will propose that the origin and possibilities of genetics as based on Light, and as nothing other than a key mechanism by which the infinite information present in Light progressively materializes.



A view of the world through light and fractals

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