The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #47: He & She


With matter’s new reality, the age-old romance between He and She reaches new heights. He had come to earth as the potent forerunner of flame-beings eons ago. His growth was tied to Earth-Flame’s growth. He was none other than Earth’s soul. She had come too as His flame-being’s counterpart calling down more of Her who watched all from above.

He and She are there as one above, and their coming to Earth was so that Earth could become the resplendent material Queen-King-Dom of Light. Through the making of history and the greatest of historical events, resulting in the birth of flame-beings, matter itself went through a decisive change, one in which death did not have to be.

Now all manner of light-beings married with flame-beings preparing an even greater marriage between flame-beings and Her. In this way, a new Cosmic Tree of Light emerged and spread across the cosmos, changing the destiny of even distant galaxies.

Matter’s role in Empress-Emperor-Hood, following five-foldness manifest in amorem particles, l-Group atoms, anandam molecular plans, and cells equivalence to Cosmos, allowed all to yield to Their command. The throne was installed, and He and She could reign now as double-ruler over all material realms of Light.

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A view of the world through light and fractals

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