The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #27: The Envisioning of Earth

Pravir Malik
2 min readAug 17, 2022



Pralayic loops are inevitable in the early stages of their courtship. In his somnambulist trance, he creates a universe centered around the dark bosom. Titans reign, and all matter itself is only titan-matter. The rays of the resulting titan-light are not strong enough to escape the gravity of the darkness and loop back into the Night.

She, called by the apparent distress of her eternal lover, comes, but cannot come in all her glory since that would be futile. Nothing can open to her height of power and possibility, yet. Instead, she can only send parts of herself to participate, and influence by part of her infinite capacities, to slowly shift the turmoil.

It is so that some early pioneers pierce something of the dark veil and see there, the hidden treasures of Light in the heart of darkness. No longer will the multiverse quantum worlds need to draw only from other dark worlds. Even the possibility of cells shifting away from the fatal influence glimmers on the horizon.

And so the memory of light grows, and with the last pralaya, something in Him is awake enough now, to admit a different trajectory. She seizes the opportunity, and a series of new descents begin that will create the single edifice encompassing all the speeds of light.

Her Grace, manifest as c, begins a new process for the formation of matter. It is no longer the stark titan-matter that inevitably ends in pralaya. Instead, there is the possibility of a mixture, formed from particles created by the higher light and particles created by the darkness.

The stage has now been set, and the adventure in c-World embryo can take a different route to change the nature of matter. But new centers of activity that will allow new intensities in Their eternal courtship, first need to be created.

In the antecedent layers, the envisioning of Earth begins…

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