The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #23: Pioneers of Light

The titan stranglehold effectively placed a lid on the myriad creations, possibilities, and wonders of light. Light and its infinite potentiality — of which quantum particles, atoms, molecules, and cells are only partial emergences — remained hidden.

Life, playing itself out in billions of cell-based creations, essentially remained oblivious of the wonders of light hidden away in the unconsidered recesses.

But when She came, dynamics began to change, and aspects of Her began to manifest in persons here and there. Something of Her connection, view, and command of light incarnated in pioneers, who, despite the titan-control, could pierce behind the veil and see the thousand-fold riches that existed in the minutia of manifestation.

New philosophies, new legends, new mythologies, new ways of being, new possibilities, began to emerge in the material field surrounding these pioneers of light…

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Pravir Malik

Pravir Malik

A view of the world through light and fractals