The Mythology in a Cosmology of Light #14: The Edge of Light


There is magic in a face appearing amidst the apparent emptiness. All are drawn to it and get transfixed by it. All becomes subject to it and see only in reference to it. The edge of light is just such a magician.

For having appeared in its form of apparent electromagnetism, Light is seen only as it. But this is only an illusion. Light is forever multi-dimensional replete with infinite possibility in its deepest folds — the greatest of all magicians.

The first veil is that the fourfoldness of light gets hidden by its aspects of power and harmony. The ‘electro’ hints at the ‘power’ aspect of light, which varies as the frequency of light varies. The ‘magnetic’ hints at the ‘harmony’ aspect of light. But also there is the ‘knowledge’ aspect apparent by the range of wavelengths that light consists of, and the ‘presence’ aspect’ at the base of different kinds of masses or forms of matter that will arise based on frequency of light.

This magical embodiment, traveling at c, sets up some means and pathways that will remain central to future surfacings in c-World Embryo. But this is only an edge of all else that will come forward, compelled by the nature of what it really is…

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