The Holy Grail of Quantum Computing

Pravir Malik
2 min readFeb 6, 2023


I recently hosted a Forbes Technology Council event — Managing the Quantum Bubble (the link provides an overview of the event, a recording, and a link to the slides).

Four Forbes articles, written in quick succession, framed the content of the event:

  1. The Potential Impact Of Quantum-Level Dynamics On Human Resources
  2. Managing the Quantum Bubble
  3. How the Quantum Computing Industry Can Ask Necessary Questions
  4. Learning from the Atom-Based Quantum Computer

While the event was called Managing the Quantum Bubble to highlight the fact that today’s quantum computing trajectory is, in my opinion missing the point, the more important part of the event focused on a redirection based on a different order of mathematics hinted at by “function” of atoms, that must emanate from the quantum levels.

I have worked on the beginnings of this mathematics articulated in a series of ten Cosmology of Light books and highlighted by a series of IEEE technical papers.

Redirection and reconception are important at this early stage in the life of the quantum computing industry. Viewing layers of matter and life — a.k.a quantum particles, atoms, molecular plans in cells — as one single system that are all fractal expressions of root patterns that must exist at the quantum level is the holy grail that will yield a more stable, meaningful, and cost-effective quantum computer.

This is how we will realize possibilities beyond what digital computation can provide.

I am continuing with the Forbes quantum computing series to further illustrate this:

  1. Genetics and a New Genre of Intent-Based Quantum Computers
  2. Leapfrogging the Singularity Through Integrated Quantum Computational Intelligence
  3. The Possibilities of Quantum Intelligence-Driven Nano-Cyborgs
  4. The Business Potential of Quantum Properties

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