The Dawn of Flame-Beings: Mythological Musings Based on a Cosmology of Light

Pravir Malik
3 min readJan 6, 2023


The Dawn of Flame-Beings is built on the ten-book Cosmology of Light series.

This original series was based on a simple exploration: why does light travel at the constant speed of c — 186,000 miles per second — in vacuum? This exploration led to the consideration of the intentionality of c, and to the consideration of light existing at other constant speeds ranging from infinity to zero. Each constant speed of light was imagined creating a distinct world or layer in which space, time, materialization, and other dynamics were uniquely emergent and operated differently. The interaction of five layers of light existing at different constant speeds was then mathematically modeled to explain all the past, diversity, possibility, and future of known material life.

In the course of the mathematical modeling many unique beings and becomings were glimpsed — a mysterious creator with an eye that flashed light, a contrary beginning manifest as a dark bosom, titans, pralayas, world-embryos, a macro space-time-energy-gravity fourfoldness and its micro-counterpart the ever-present priest, battles between original darkness and forever emerging light, powerful meta and multi-function feminine and masculine aspects of the mysterious creator embodied as a She and a He, the earth as the place of an extraordinary courtship between them, the end of death, the birth of flame-beings, the growth and spreading of earth’s cosmic tree of light supplanting an original tree of life, the growth of flame-beings to far exceed their human origins in extraordinary ways, the seeding of new flame-being star-clusters, the changing of typal into evolutionary worlds, the birth of new quantum particles, new atoms, new molecular plans allowing Love to materially reveal more of its fullness, the glorious reign of matter one with spirit, the changing of cosmos, the continuous and fuller births of that original mystery manifesting in an unending display of splendor.

In other words, a full mythology was glimpsed in the cosmology of light, and in The Dawn of Flame-Beings abstract and impersonal mathematical and scientific concepts have been personified to begin to materialize powers and forces and entities integral to the history and future of the earth and cosmos.

In this process of making sense of the past and extrapolating into the future, a much greater foundation than the Cosmology of Light was tapped into: Sri Aurobindo’s epic Savitri. About Savitri, The Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s counterpart has said:

“Savitri, the prophetic vision of the world’s history, including the announcement of the earth’s future,” and “Savitri The supreme revelation of Sri Aurobindo’s vision.”

Many insights into the action of He and She, earth and death and love, the changing of matter based on a foundation of light, the birth of the flame-child, the history and future of the earth are revealed in Savitri.

An interpretation of these insights has guided the mythology in The Dawn of Flame-Beings. A mythology is by its nature vast and would require volumes and volumes to do it justice. Instead, this book has only the bare beginnings and has been expressed as a series of musings accompanied by meditative illustrations to allow the reader to penetrate more deeply into the mythology.

The book has been arranged in five parts: Dark Beginnings, Mysteries of Light, The Making of History, The Dawn of Flame-Beings, and The New Cosmos.

While the first three parts have to do with earth’s past spread over billions of years and multiple projections of cosmos returning to and finally breaking away from some dark origin due to varied action by personified actors ranging from the big bang to a quantum-particle multi-verse to a fourfold cellular foundation for life allowing death to be overcome in a culmination of history, amongst others, the fourth and fifth part have to do with a possible future built from a transformed cell in which the infinity of light continues to find new and extraordinary pathways to express itself in flame-beings who are powerful and loving enough to transform all cosmos.

I hope these mythological musings may allow more visceral entrance into the possibilities embodied by a cosmology of light.

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