Super-Matter Illustrated: Functional Richness in an Expanding Universe Depicted with Drawings

Pravir Malik
4 min readJul 2, 2023

The present time is extraordinary in that it offers a doorway into infinite possibility.

Through a play of Light, its codified properties project out to create layer upon layer of fourfold complexity. Space, time, energy, and gravity are perhaps the first layer of Light’s codified properties and emerge as fundamental to cosmic dynamics to date. Fields such as the electromagnetic field form a second layer. Then quantum particles, atoms, cells, and all the complexity of natural and human history form subsequent layers, all the while continuing to materialize the inherent fourfold richness inherent in Light.

The fate of such a continued fourfold development leading to a foundation of super-matter now lies in our hands. Perfectly positioned between two apparent extremes, the human lies between approximately 30 orders of magnitude of micro and macrocosm. All the depth and mystery of the microcosm, starting from the quantum levels, lies already implicit within the human. All the magnitude extending out to the boundaries of the universe have been instrumental in surfacing the human. As each subsequent layer of complexity has surfaced, something more that lies within has expressed itself without.


But now, as the scales of causality reverse, and as that which was happening automatically is becoming more of a matter of choice, the question is whether the human can similarly shape the further development of the macrocosm, perhaps through increasing mastery of the microcosm. Such audacity is only possible because all is Light, and all is of Light. There is an intimate and implicit connection between apparent separativity regardless of scale, and for the first time in history, Nature appears to have strongly delegated levers, such as will, awareness, and complex thought, amongst other faculties to a creature and to exercise these to intimately restructure Cosmos in extraordinary ways is the challenge that lies before us.

The scales of a quantum-cosmic balance, therefore, depend on the extent to which a continued and cohesive space-time-energy-gravity quantization, fueled by such will and other possible faculties, becomes operative. Such quantization spurred by the need for functional-richness results in super-matter. But further, such quantization may also be intimately related to the energy known by cosmologists as ‘dark energy’ that continues to fuel the expansion of the universe. In such an expansion, the once recurring big bang, a sign of the tail-biting Ouroboros in the throes of a constant cycle of destruction and rebirth, potentially yields to a new series of creative mechanisms that set into motion an endless development with super-matter building on super-matter.

An image mage from the book

This is the illustrated version of Book Five in the ten-book mathematical treatise on the destiny of the cosmos. In this continuing philosophical-mathematical exploration anchored by the apparent reality of the constant speed of light, this book reveals the possibility of a critical super-matter layer that builds on the foundation of the innate creativity that drives cosmic development as explored in Book Two, the inevitable emergence of more complex forms of fourfoldness as explored in Book Three, and the mechanism of quantum-certainty instrumental in triggering comprehensive space-time-energy-gravity quantization as explored in Book Four.

All previous concepts and stepping stones have been fully integrated into this book, which additionally is illustrated by 122 insightful drawings that depict viscerally what has been expressed by concept and mathematics. The cover illustration summarizes the reality of super-matter and captures a process at the heart of the dynamic, symmetrical, multi-layered model of light central to the re-seeing of the cosmos as a single, living, light-based system in which matter is the visible record of ongoing milestones and the foundation of all that has yet to be created.

An image from the book

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