Religion in the Human Cell

Pravir Malik
3 min readMay 15, 2022


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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak on a panel to do with Religion and Conflict. This surprised me since I am not actively involved in either. But I decided to engage in the challenge and was asked to prepare a 20-minute talk.

My talk proposed a model for the structure of stability, the structure of conflict, the structure of religion, and the structure of spirituality, centered around love:

I call this talk ‘Religion in the Human Cell’ and have extracted it from the larger 2.5-hour conference on the subject.

Some key points that I cover in this talk:

  1. The fourfold structure of stability as hinted at by ancient legends, and scientifically seen to be the underlying structure of many pre-material forms, emerging matter, and emerging life.
  2. The central place of love, that once it has entered into the manifestation, acts as a cosmic magnet to draw out ever more complex arrangements of knowledge-presence-power-harmony fourfoldness.
  3. The fourfold structure of space-time-energy-gravity mapped to the underlying dynamic properties of knowledge-power-presence-harmony respectively, held together by the anchor of love.
  4. The fourfold structure of the electromagnetic spectrum that in reality should be called the electro-magnetic-wave_archetype-mass_potential spectrum, which also maps to the underlying dynamic properties of power-harmony-knowledge-presence respectively, held together by the anchor of love.
  5. The fourfold structure of quark-lepton-boson-Higgs_boson quantum particles that map to the underlying dynamic properties of knowledge-power-harmony-presence respectively, held together by love and thus able to form atoms.
  6. The fourfold structure of atoms in the periodic table arranged as s-Shell-p_Shell-d_Shell-f_Shell elements that map to the underlying dynamic structure of power-knowledge-presence-harmony respectively and held together by love in different possibilities form the richness of molecular life.
  7. The fourfold structure of cell-based molecular plans arranged as nucleic_acids-polysaccharrides_lipids_proteins that map to the underlying dynamic structure of knowledge_power_harmony_presence respectively, held together by love to enable the viability, sustainability, and adaptability of living cells.
  8. The structure of conflict that can be seen to arise at any of these levels if love were not present as a binding factor.
  9. Focusing on the rich life within a cell with its thousands upon thousands of inhabitants, proposing a structure of religion to naturally arise when cell entities become enamored of the way a molecular plan does its job, be it a nucleic acid, a polysaccharide, a lipid, or a protein. This could potentially create many cell-based religions centered around a particular nucleic acid, a polysaccharide, a lipid, or a protein. These religions could easily enter into conflict if they forget they are many faces of one underlying reality and began to believe instead that they were privileged to hold more of the truth than another cell-based religion.
  10. The structure of spirituality as seen as requiring love as the binding factor, a clear sight that fourfoldness requires all four properties to act together as evident in each of the preceding examples, and a realization that the four properties are dynamic and therefore no matter what level manifests it will build upon the previous level and draw out more possibility hidden by the words ‘presence’, ‘power’, ‘knowledge’, and ‘harmony’. Hence spirituality being oneness whether manifest vertically across levels or horizontally within a level.

For those interested in exploring some aspects of this approach in greater detail here are some reading recommendations:

  1. The ten points above are part of a mathematical model of the cosmos I call Cosmology of Light. This has been articulated as ten books and numerous related writings, that can be accessed from the Index to Cosmology of Light Links.
  2. A quick read to do with love — Crucible of Love — written from a mythological perspective just yesterday. This is based on a mythology that naturally arises from the Cosmology of Light.
  3. The tenth book in the Cosmology of Light series, Triumph of Love, that explores the central place of love as enumerated above, in a lot more mathematical detail.



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