Quantum Certainty Illustrated: A Mathematics of Natural and Sustainable Human History Depicted with Art

Pravir Malik
3 min readMar 28, 2023

The world of quantum physics has been described as weird or absurd. In it are found phenomena such as dual wave-particle nature, superposition, quantum tunneling, entanglement, going backward in time, quantum teleportation, and quantum uncertainty, amongst others, that appear very contrary to phenomena that we are used to in the visible day-to-day world.

This book presents a mathematical model generated from properties of light, which proposes a context for interpreting quantum phenomena. Essentially, quantum phenomena are positioned as being at the interface between realities set up by different speeds of light.

As per the mathematical model presented here, quantum weirdness is not really weird and is a natural outcome of considering reality at the interface of different light-based worlds. While it is perhaps easier to have become aware of such phenomena at the micro-level because of the experimental rigor and attention to detail that has accompanied the study of quantum particles, it is proposed that such weirdness exists also at the macro-level. The weirdness is positioned as appearing “weird” primarily because models of reality are force-fitted into a single layer of existence, when in fact, it must be a complex of multiple interacting layers as suggested by the possibility of simultaneous and even interpenetrating realities so set up by multiple speeds of light.

Hence this book will also explore the conditions in which similar macro-level weirdness may be more easily observed or even created. Namely, in a culminating movement, this book will hypothesize that history, whether natural or human, is the result of sustained, cohesive moments or activation-states, when the multiple-layer structure accessed through quanta aligns so as to create certainty, or more precisely, quantum-certainty, in outcome. In this point of view, such direction-setting dynamics have to be at the quantum-level because it is only through a process of coordinated micro-level space, time, energy, and gravity quantization that the very fabric of existence and possibility can change.

This book, therefore, proposes a process to create sustainable history that involves entering into an activation-state. Such an activation-state opens a quantum-window into layers of reality formed by light moving at different speeds. Collective meta-functions, whether of plants, animals, or humans, exist in these layers, and it is the enhancement or creation of such a meta-function that sets into motion a precise process of space, time, energy, and gravity quantization by which the nature of reality can be changed. As such, there is no uncertainty at these decisive moments of history but a quantum-certainty that is worked out by the mathematical possibilities present at the time and as elaborated by the mathematical model presented in this book.

Note that this book is the sixth in the Artistic Interpretation of a Cosmology of Light book series and the sixteenth book to do with a cosmology of light, and is accompanied by insightful pencil drawings and other art totaling 96 illustrations in all. The cover illustration depicts the inevitable precipitation and growth of diverse forces set into motion once deep yearning activates quantum certainty. The Rudra aspect is there to clear the ground so that space-time-energy-gravity quantization, activated by quantum certainty, becomes fruitful. The Shiva aspect is there to continue to maintain some order until the next level of equilibrium is established.

The art, hopefully, provides an avenue for the reader to enter more deeply into the mathematical model of light, and in particular of quantum certainty, proposed in this book.


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