Quantum Abundance: A Recap of the Forbes Technology Council Event

Pravir Malik
2 min readMay 25, 2023


Earlier this week, I hosted a Forbes Technology Council event — Abundance Through Quantum Computation (the link will take you to a recording and brief summary of the event). Executives from about 60 companies registered for the event.

The event highlighted the following:

  1. Why is quantum computation an ideal candidate for increasing abundance?
  2. What is the trajectory toward abundance?
  3. What is the connection between quantum computation and genetics?
  4. What is the connection between quantum computation and AI?
  5. How will quantum computation change the foundations of material sciences?
  6. How will quantum computation enhance the management and maintenance of life?
  7. How might quantum computation connect us to an undying source of energy?
  8. How might quantum computation enable interstellar space travel?

In a nutshell, the components of the alternative trajectory to the development of quantum computation are based on a systems-view of matter, in which layers of matter and life have to be considered in unison with the quantum level in order to gain insight into the dynamics that reside there.

Such a view allows us to perceive a quantum intelligence (QI) of which quantum particles, atoms, and cells, are subsequent and more sophisticated surfacings that allow more of QI to become materially operative in them. Each of the surfacings are themselves naturally occurring quantum computers that always generate genetic-type code as an output.

Since such surfacings are ubiquitous, learning to leverage them will, by definition, provide a back door to affecting abundance.

I wrote a short post, The Quantum Computational Trajectory Enabling Abundance, in prep for this event, and after the event, summarized the body of thought of the Forbes event in a shorter youtube video, that admittedly misses out on the live conversation accessible in the link to the event recording provided above:

Key takeaways from the event were:

  1. Quantum computation is happening all the time in atoms, molecules, and cells. We need to learn to leverage this to enable abundance.
  2. There is an alternative approach to developing quantum computers by modeling the quantum levels and emergent layers of matter and life as a single system.
  3. Nano-cyborgs will potentially be able to create quantum patterns, work with quantum intelligence, and influence matter and life from the bottom up.

This was the second Forbes quantum-focused event I hosted this year. The first was Managing the Quantum Bubble (link to the Forbes recording), which has been briefly summarized in the post The Holy Grail of Quantum Computing.

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