Musings from a Cosmology of Light #44: Euler’s Beautiful Equation

Pravir Malik
3 min readFeb 6, 2021


Euler’s Identity is considered to be amongst the most beautiful of equations in the world because it connects together 5 fundamental concepts or numbers in mathematics — 0, 1, ‘i’, ‘e’, ‘pi’ — in a simple equation.

But what could Euler’s Identity signify in a Cosmology of Light? Just as there are meaningful interpretations for the imaginary number, ‘i’, Schrodinger’s Wave Equation, and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, so too there is a meaningful interpretation for Euler’s Identity, as will be explored in this post.

The Significance of Number suggested the deeper meaning of each number from a Cosmology of Light point of view. ‘0’ is considered to be the starting point, within which all possibility exists. ‘1’ is unity and is another way to view the absoluteness and all possibility of that which is in ‘0’. ‘1’ hence is telling us something additional about the fundamental nature of existence.

‘2’ is considered to be the decision to create, as made evident from the projection of Light from its native state to some other state. ‘3’ signifies the first stable form and signifies the beginning of creation. It is in considering the process between ‘2’ and ‘3’ which gives insight into ‘e’, whose value is pegged approximately at 2.71828.

‘e’ is associated with the exponential function, and when viewed between ‘2’ and ‘3’ can be understood as that in which the essential polarity created by ‘2’ becomes a veritable device for experimentation or adventure, a crucible of fire of sorts, which eventually brings forth or yields to that which was being created within it, into a form or stability associated with ‘3’.

Similarly, insight into ‘pi’ can be gained by realizing that its value, approximately 3.14159, lies between ‘3’ and ‘4’. ‘4’, displaying explicitly the four properties innate within Light, suggests manifestation. Between creation (3) and manifestation (4) therefore, ‘pi’ signifies a constructive process in which stability, in a manner of speaking, is subjected to dynamism, to bring forth a fuller manifestation.

But also, when considering the 5 mathematical concepts in Euler’s Identity, the ‘0’, ‘1’, and ‘e’ — which are meta-physical giving insight into process in antecedent layers of light — are connected to ‘pi’ that suggests materialization in the layer where light travels at speed ‘c’, and this connection as considered in the post on imaginary numbers takes place through the imaginary number, ‘i’.

Hence, in a Cosmology of Light, Euler’s Identity is summarizing a process of materialization of information existing in antecedent layers of Light, in the layer where light travels at speed ‘c’. This process takes place by ‘0’ yielding to ‘1’ yielding to ‘2’ yielding to ‘3’ yielding to ‘4’ by appropriately leveraging ‘i’, ‘e’, and ‘pi’, respectively.

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