Musings from a Cosmology of Light #41: The ‘Imaginary’ at the Heart of Mathematical Reality

The imaginary number, ‘i’ (square root of -1), is an apparent paradox at the heart of mathematical reality. The square root of -1 is, after all, given accepted rules of mathematics an impossibility. Yet without ‘i’ many equations would never be solved, and many practical technologies would never have come into being.

And so it is not only a convenient precedent when considering a Cosmology of Light, that consists of different layers of light antecedent to our known layer where light travels at speed ‘c’, but further, the existence of ‘i’ in any mathematical rendering gives place to something that clearly influences practical reality, though may not necessarily be considered as part of practical reality.

In the next few blog posts, the relationships between Schrodinger’s Equation, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Euler’s Identity, and a Cosmology of Light will be suggested. In this rendering, just as there is a significance to every number in a Cosmology of Light, ‘i’ in fact, will also be seen to be a necessary device to account for planes of reality created by Light traveling at speeds other than ‘c’.

Such a rendering will allow different, Cosmology of Light-based interpretations to the body of equations that inform quantum physics and computation, amongst other foundational areas.

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