Musings from a Cosmology of Light #28: On Being, Choice, and Power

Expansion-Contraction Dynamics of the Human Light-Based Quadrality and Expansion and Contraction Dynamics of the Cosmos draw attention to the important dynamic of choice that becomes a critical lever in affecting the micro- and macro-states of well-being and possibility.

But such choice only comes more forcefully to the surface with the emergence of the human being. Prior to this emergence Light projects itself in a series of beings in which decision is as it were, made in the recesses of Light itself.

Hence, beings of a progressively different nature clothe the One reality of Light in forms we refer to as the space-time-energy-gravity quadrality, the electro-magnetic-wavearchetype-masspotential quadrality, the quark-lepton-boson-Higgsboson quadrality, the ‘s’Shell-’p’Shell-’d’Shell-’f’Shell quadrality, and the nucleicacid-polysaccharide-lipid-protein quadrality.

With the emergence of the human thought-will-emotion-sensation quadrality, beingness becomes more capable of determining future materialization of the vast potentiality resident in Light. Choice made by the human then becomes critical in how things will evolve. Choice that allows a vaster play of Light in seeming smallness will allow expansion of possibility at both the micro and macro levels.

Increasingly complex global realities should be seen as a challenge and call to the human-being to establish a richer reality of fourfoldness by allowing more of Light to materialize. All unfolding organizational plays at any level of granularity — family, corporation, village, region, country, economy, civilization — have to be seen from this lens. Do we make the choice that shrinks possibility so that organizational plays become dysfunctional and degenerate, or do we make the choice that allows greater largeness and possibility to be established?

That indeed is the power we have been invested with.

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