Musings from a Cosmology of Light #27: Expansion-Contraction Dynamics of the Human Light-Based Quadrality

Pravir Malik
3 min readOct 5, 2020


The Human Light-Based Quadrality affirmed that humans are indeed light-based quadralities. Humans then must become a means by which the rich fourfold functionality resident in Light, can continue to materialize.

If this did not happen then the compromise to the seeding of unique functionality will not only alter the expansion-contraction dynamics of the universe but also of well-being and expansion at the individual level.

This means that Light’s fourfold properties of knowledge-power-presence-harmony displayed as thoughts, will and desires and urges, sensations, and emotions, respectively, must increase rather than decrease their effective dynamism and range of applicability.

With thoughts, are we always trying to calculate, conceive of, and think of how we are only going to fulfill some utterly small desire, or instead do we use this faculty to penetrate more firmly into vaster and vaster mysteries to strengthen relationship with perceived otherness?

With urges, desires, and wills is it just a play of smallness and immediateness that we continually engage in, or instead are we letting something more of Light’s infinity of Power approach its fullness through an increasing impersonality?

With our range of sensations are we moving beyond the immediate object-relationship so that the very nature of perception is altered? When we see things, for instance, what are we seeing? Is it just the surface rendering of the play of matter, or do we see that the fullness of Light is still there, with all its potentiality and possibility, in the smallest thing we look at? Do we see that the whole universe and more is present in all its fullness in the least thing that we easily ignore, or belittle, or loathe? When we touch things is it the seeming concreteness of the play of the particles or atoms or chains of molecules that we touch, or is it the Love and Light and the vastness of all that IS that allows itself to be as a small corner that we touch so as to make infinity be felt by something so finite?

With feelings and emotions are we just trying to adhere to a narrow conception of personal harmony, or can we instead actually get to a state where we always feel positive emotions regardless of circumstance? This would mean that we have more truly entered into a relationship with some larger continent of Light.

Our every choice will determine whether we are contracting — by allowing smallness to coalesce, or instead expanding — so as to give Light more room to operate. Dynamics of contraction will precipitate a cycle of disease and destruction of well-being, while the dynamics of expansion will allow wholeness and more of the reality of what Light is to materialize.

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