Musings from a Cosmology of Light #21: The Stability of Light-Based Quadralities

The persistent cosmic-level quantum computation arbitrates reality based on emergences and dynamics already in play at the layer where light travels at c, and possibilities that continue to exist in antecedent layers of light.

The output of such computation is genetic-type information, that as previously suggested becomes “law” by being added to the aggregate space-time-energy-gravity macro-container.

Any light-based quadrality — that by definition marks some milestone in the output of the constant quantum-level computation — is implicitly stable and becomes a foundation for further light-based quadralities to also emerge. Such stability has to be, since the implicit unity of properties of light held within itself, seeks to maintain that same unity even as new light-based quadralities emerge in a unique display of possibilities.

Hence it is that light-based quadralities such as the space-time-energy-gravity containers, the electro-magnetic-wavearchetype-masspotential spectrum, quark-lepton-boson-Higgsboson quantum particles, add to the material foundation which forms the growing edifice of Light’s continuing materialization of itself.

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Pravir Malik

Pravir Malik

A view of the world through light and fractals