Musings from a Cosmology of Light #2: The Basis of Existence

Light traveling infinitely fast is the basis of existence. Imagine that everything that arises, does so in this substance of light that is all-present, all-powerful, all-harmonious, and all-knowledgeable. This fourfold omni-reality then, implies too, a basis of infinite information and infinite potential.

As light projects itself at slower and slower speeds, the four properties in light at its native state will exist in all subsequent worlds in some form. And further, these four, being inherently one in light’s native state, will be impelled to play together to uphold their deep oneness. Such an embrace of inherent oneness even as the four get separated is the manifest expression of love and implies too, a deep reality of love that exists in light’s native state.

Hence, the very basis of all existence is a state of light active with infinite potential, a deep and all-embracing foundation of love, and an increasing and beautiful diversity as the four overarching properties call out more and more of the infinite possibility resident in light.

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