In Search of the Future Organization — IV: The Other Side of the Coin

Pravir Malik
4 min readMar 24, 2024


The Necessity of Poetry drew attention to the top-down dynamic, which is equally important in thinking about complex systems and creating a systems canvas that will be equipped to recognize the emergence of a future organization. Such recognition necessitates considering both sides of the coin—the bottom-up and the top-down.

Searching the literature on complex systems reveals a plethora of materials on the bottom-up aspect. However, to understand how and why poetry is created, we must look at systems from the top down. That inspired the book Connecting Inner Power with Global Change: The Fractal Ladder, published by Sage in 2009. The book focuses on the pervasiveness of common fractals that bind our perceptions, thinking, and ways of being. We are as though slaves to these. Breaking free requires a journey driven by one-pointedness to master a particular species of fractals — the sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal.

Breaking free requires a journey driven by one-pointedness to master a particular species of fractals — the sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal.

I wrote this book long ago, and recently, another publisher got the rights to republish this book, as well as two others I had written as part of a fractal series for Sage. For various reasons, I had only practically embraced some aspects of what was covered in the book and, at some level, remained unsure about its applicability. However, when I was forced to re-read it just a few months ago after 15 years of writing it to make whatever changes needed for the second edition, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a good book that required little change to universalize it further.

But really, I should never have second-guessed it. If I look at the genesis of the book, it was due to a sight that appeared suddenly to manifest itself when I began to increasingly recognize different kinds of fractals occurring in complex behavioral constructs ranging from individuals to teams to organizations and even to a range of different ideas and systems of thought. I had already spent about five years reading an extraordinary cosmology expressed poetically at the time. This was Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri; perhaps something of its thought-body had deeply influenced me.


Sight of such nature is important and speaks to the emergence of poetry. Such emergence has happened twice in the last 25 years. First, with the fractal sight phenomenon, and second, about ten years ago, when I was irrationally seized by an urge to see everything in terms of some mathematics of light. The second emergence set me down a trajectory to develop a Cosmology of Light that is still ongoing. Thus far, it has resulted in 18 books, including relooking at fundamentals concerning quantum theory, genetics, AI, and transhumanism.

However, there is a deep connection between the two series of books and the underlying emerging sights. The fractal series described a theory for breaking free from the common mass of fractals, the emergence of true uniqueness, and how this new basis of inner power (aka poetry) might cause change globally through the birth of a new series of creative fractals. The second series further develops this theory into a more comprehensive cosmology using a mathematics of light.

These works contribute to an understanding of the other side of the coin.

(To be Continued…)

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