Diversification of Public Cosmology of Light Workshops

During Work From Home (WFH) we have experimented with holding Cosmology of Light workshops online. The timing was such that the tenth and last book in the combined series to mathematize a perception of the power of Light had just been finished.

We ended up having three to four workshops a week, with two to fifteen people in attendance in each. So about 150 people went through the standard format over the last 2 months. We kept the size smaller than in-person events to encourage deeper dialog. The format in general worked (scroll down to the bottom of this page for some reactions and reviews), and we also received some useful feedback for improvements.

Source: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/10128

As a result the offering has now been diversified and there will be three different levels of Cosmology of Light workshops: Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Foundational Workshop (Level 0) essentially aims at allowing participants to have some fun with Light. We keep the theory to the least possible to allow this. Necessarily the essential point of view of why Light is perceived to be the foundation for a cosmology is covered, but beyond that it is practice in seeing differently. Participants will practice “dual-vision” and playing with a self-generated “light-sphere”. These and some other practices will facilitate change in unexpected ways.

The Intermediate Workshop (Level 1) aims at providing a more complete theory of the Cosmology of Light, so that a gestalt “aha” might occur, and the participant truly begin to see all a little differently. But most of the value, as participants continue to suggest, is in the practical session where aspects of the theory actually get grounded and they begin to see why in fact such light-based practices might influence change.

The Advanced Workshop (Level 2) was borne out of the desire of participants to continue the study and practice suggested by a Cosmology of Light, and goes deeper into the mechanics and dynamics of why Light might make change happen. In this view Space, Time, Energy, and Gravity are a single ‘quadrumvirate’ and emerge entirely from Light.

This quadrumvirate acts both at the micro and macro levels. At the micro-level, to make change at the quantum-layer (perceived as being the layer between layers of Light), and in aggregate at the macro-level, by actually changing “law” — physical and other — to alter the continuum we apparently exist in. In a Cosmology of Light it is this quadrumvirate lens that unifies quantum theory and general relativity — but that is a topic to be taken up another time.

These workshops will continue to be offered at a discounted rate through the end of the year, and anyone interested may sign-up through Eventbrite.

We look forward to meeting you online!

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