Building Complexity in the Wrong Direction Rather than Simplicity in the Right: A Parable for Quantum Computing Times

Pravir Malik
3 min readApr 27, 2024


Illustration of cutting through the Quantum Gordian Knot generated using DALL-E

I received the first copy of the original 2018 book ‘The Emperor’s Quantum Computer’ a few days ago, burnished now with insightful art and re-released as ‘The Emperor’s Quantum Computer Illustrated.’

As I scanned through the introduction, I instinctively searched for the following section:

“The notion of superposition that is the foundation of modern-day quantum computing derives largely from the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics that theorizes that until a photon, or particle, or other quantum-object is measured, it exists in an infinite number of superposed states that collapses into a perceivable state only through the act of measurement. But if that were the case, then there is no basis for the universe having come into being, or evolving the way it has, or producing a human species on planet earth, since there was conceivably never any measurement to have precipitated any of those outcomes in the first place. If such outcomes could materialize, and the universe is the proof that it has, then the model on which the current notion of superposition is based, and therefore our very notion of superposition is likely incomplete. And this becomes important because the supposed extraordinary processing power of quantum computers is also based on this unproven or incomplete notion of superposition. But further, changes in quantum numbers are the presumed basis for analyzing what may have happened in the infinitely-superposed black-box — and that is tantamount to trying to analyze all the complexity of thought by changes in facial expression — a task that also points to our continuing to build complexity in the wrong direction rather than simplicity in the right direction.”

The second of the pictures with the Light-Space-Time equation illustrates simplicity in the right direction, and the core aspect of that equation is reproduced here:

This is simple because there is fourfold symmetry in this mathematical artifact generated by imagining light to exist at different constant speeds. Different species of quantization are related to the four source indices at the top of the matrix — Pr, Po, K, and H. Superposition becomes more precise as it relates subtle concepts in the higher layers of the matrix to physical seeds that populate the granularity of space in the lowest layer. Different kinds of entanglement also come into view, each the outcome of the mathematical dynamics generated at each matrix layer beginning with the big Rs.

As this book suggests, this mathematical artifact, powered by a modified conception of quantization, entanglement, and superposition, is the engine for the observed fourfold structures that animate layers of matter and life. While the model is born of intuition and is only a pre-laboratory concept, it creatively cuts through the quantum Gordian Knot, suggesting different approaches to harness quantum levels.

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